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Shadow Priest mana/dps issues

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Ran some flex 1 with my better half..  she hates her priest and can't understand why dps is so low.  She keeps saying she wants to delete her :(  Please help me help her enjoy shadow!






rotation is in line with icy veins..  please help.

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That is so sad. I love playing my shadow priest.

Everybody has their own play style and opinion how to play their shadow priest, but I'll give you a few tips that works for me and I do very well.

Stat priority: Intellect>Spell Hit Cap 15%(Hit/Spirit)>Haste>Mastery>Crit

To reach the spell hit cap she needs, besides dps gear, spirit gear as well and of course reforge until you hit the number. If you go a little bit over 15% that is ok.

Next I would change her glyphs. I have Glyph of Mind Blast, Inner Sanctum and Weakened Soul.

I would recommend changing the last three talents to Desperate Prayer, Divine Insight and Halo. I tried Power Infusion, but it didn't work for me at all.

Rotation: VT, SW:P, Mind Blast, Mind Flay as a filler, DP when it procs and SW:D. Use Halo often, but be careful not to pull the entire room because it will. I did it a few times and I started calling it the oops button rofl. VT and SW:P needs to be up at all times! Use Shadowfien only with lust or if you are in need for mana.

Last but not least I have the Shadow Priest DoT timer addon, a must in my opinion.

I hope those tips are helpful, good luck and I hope she starts enjoying her shadow priest againsmile.png

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Shadow preist dot timer is awesome, but in addition a castbar addon like gnosis will show approximate points of when channelled spells are ticking. that way you can make sure to clip flay just after a tick to maximize insanity.


if you havent used gnosis before make sure to find a spot for the bar called mirror. it shows things like fatigue and breath.


have to swap power infustion for divine insight. power infusion is a major cd if you take it, and if you time it wrong or your trinks dont proc in your window to use it, or you have to move its gone and your dps is terrible.


on flex one protectors is fun with FDCL if you are really good at multidotting and pouring spikes into your main target. sha will also be okay, but she shouldnt worry about reflections just stay on boss.


shadow preist are heavily reliant on the legendary meta and having a huge amount of haste in general, so having the gear she does is not going to be fun. the crafted 553 belt and pants that are spirit haste are excellent for spriest, but their dps is very gear dependant so a nice flex staff from sha and the trink from immersius in any form will help a lot. after that shoot for getting tons of sockets and stacking tons of haste.


i do remember wondering how spriest could do any damage ever when i first started, but the more elites i solod after getting dot timers and gnosis the more i liked the class.


for mana issues and getting used to dotting, open with vamp touch and finish the cast with pain. once you get comfortable with dotting, i like to open with pain and cast vamp touch as i swap targets.

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