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4.3.2. Tips for Combustion when Alter Time is available

Thanks to wow_icon_spell_mage_altertime.jpg Alter Time, you can get many instant-cast wow_icon_spell_fire_fireball02.jpg Pyroblasts in a row, allowing you to build a very high wow_icon_spell_fire_incinerate.jpg Ignite for your wow_icon_spell_fire_sealoffire.jpg Combustion. Proceed as explained below.

  1. Set up a situation where you have wow_icon_ability_mage_hotstreak.jpg Heating Up and wow_icon_ability_mage_hotstreak.jpg Pyroblast! up at the same time (usually, by upgrading a wow_icon_ability_mage_hotstreak.jpg Heating Up with wow_icon_spell_mage_infernoblast.jpg Inferno Blast and casting wow_icon_spell_fire_flamebolt.jpg Fireball until wow_icon_ability_mage_hotstreak.jpg Heating Up procs again).
  2. Cast wow_icon_spell_fire_flamebolt.jpg Fireball and immediately pop your wow_icon_spell_mage_altertime.jpg Alter Time macro.
  3. Depending on whether your spells score critical strikes on not, you will be able to cast a number of wow_icon_spell_fire_fireball02.jpg Pyroblasts before finally consuming wow_icon_spell_nature_enchantarmor.jpg Presence of Mind. When this happens, use your wow_icon_spell_mage_altertime.jpg Alter Time macro again and keep casting wow_icon_spell_fire_fireball02.jpg Pyroblastuntil you finally consume wow_icon_spell_nature_enchantarmor.jpg Presence of Mind again.
  4. Cast wow_icon_spell_fire_sealoffire.jpg Combustion. Note that you should always cast Combustion before the Pyroblast from Presence of Mind hits the target, because these Pyroblasts do not benefit from the +25% increased damage that instant-cast Pyroblasts from your critical strikes do get. So cast Combustion while the Pyroblast from Presence of Mind is traveling. That said, if you have a big enough wow_icon_spell_fire_incinerate.jpg Ignite, you do not need to wait until the Pyroblast from Presence of Mind before casting Combustion.


Hi,  im trying to do this right but i don't understand very well i got some question about paragrahp 1 and 3


on 1st paragraph it says; get heating up and pyroblast proc but it doesn't say what we gonna do with these procs. Are we going to use it when they occur or proceed to 2nd paragraph?


and i didn't understand 3-4 completely would some one explain me in very simple way please? 


Thanks in advance

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Here is the situation:


You cast fireball multiple times, wait until you gain a Heating Up proc from a crit.

Cast Inferno Blast. Heating Up upgrades to Pyroblast!. Don't use it yet.

Cast fireballs again, wait till you get the Heating Up proc again.


Now, you will have both heating up and Pyroblast!.

Cast Fireball again, and then use the Alter Time macro.


Now, use both the Pyroblast! and the PoM by casting Pyroblast twice, if any of these spells (Fireball, Pyroblast!, PoM Pyroblast) crits, you can cast another Pyroblast! since you had Heating Up! already.


Alter Time expires (restoring the Pyroblast!, Heating Up and PoM), and repeat the above paragraph.

If any of your Pyroblast! crits, use Combustion before the next Pyroblast lands.

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