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Thanks and Goodbye

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Hearthstone was the last Blizzard game I am playing actively, played them all (except for OW) enjoyed them for a long time but then I lost interest for several reason and it's hard to point out something that bothers me,  maybe it's the gameplay in general, turning more and more into money grabs or it's just me getting bored. So I stopped with all of them and recently Hearthstone.

Anyway I think I will still play Startcraft from time to time or old classic blizz games but nothing worth to get constant news, updates or information, so I think I will have no use for Icy Veins anymore. I might visit from time to time but not often I guess.

I wanted to to say "Thank You". In the past years I was happy that Icy Vein exists and it always kept me up to date with all I wanted to know about the games I played. The work you do is great and everyone I talked to was very kind and polite. That is true for the staff as well as the community members and I am sure I will miss that.

Keep up the good work and I wish everyone to enjoy there games and Icy Veins.



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It's always sad to see users leave, even more so when they are as active as you are on the forums here.

If you ever pick up a Blizzard game again, know that we'll be waiting in open arms to welcome you back here! Good luck with any games you play in the future ?

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Thank you for your nice words.

And it's not so much about leaving Icy Veins, just, as I explained, having no use for it anymore because I quit all the games, but I didn't delete IV from my bookmarks and I have no intention to. Who knows what will happen in the future ...


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