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Gear Dilemma

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Before facing Ordos yesterday, I was wearing inv_chest_plate_raiddeathknight_n_01.jpgBreastplate of Cyclopean Dread then I got inv_chest_plate_raidwarrior_n_01.jpgHoodrych's Bloodied Chestplate from the Yaungol fiery god. Of course, the Ordos chest piece is a clear upgrade but by wearing it, I will lose my 2p set bonus which dps impact is difficult to calculate. So I wonder, which one of those should I wear? 


I play a 2H frost DK at the moment but I intend to switch back to DW (I got a better 2H weapon than my 2 1H recently).




Edit: I was linking the tank chest by error. Fixed it for the correct piece.

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I think you meant to link


inv_chest_plate_raiddeathknight_n_01.jpgBreastplate of Cyclopean Dread


For 2H frost it would depend on how much haste you already have. If you're sitting around 70-80% haste already then the 2pc isn't going to make as much of a difference for you since you're likely already resource capped, but it could possibly sim out slightly ahead.


For DW the 2pc is definitely better. potentially proc'ing up to 5k extra mastery is a huge boost for DW.

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As long as you are 2h getting 1500 crit is going to be better for you than a stacking haste buff.


You should do an in game dummy test and see which gear gives you higher dps. an army of the dead cooldown time is a good quick little test.

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