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Two questions, Follower and Gem of Ease related.

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My first real question as I still don't fully understand the Followers, is what gear should I be giving them, and why.

I'm currently playing as WoL Monk, and I've been told the Templar is probably my best bet, I'm not entirely sure why, I used to enjoy the CC that the Enchantress had. I also want to know about gearing for the Follower, I'm not using Unity as everything else I have on me and in the cube is mandatory really, so I'm not really sure on what to give him. Then there is the question of Rolls on their gear, does any portion of the stats on their gear transfer over to me, Dex, Crit, Stun, Elite dmg etc etc?


Then my second question is about the Gem of Ease and why it's used for Caldasann's Despair?

Can you use any gem or does it have to be the gem of ease? I actually did this once on Xbox but cannot remember for the life of me how it worked!


Any and all information will be greatly appreciated, many thanks.

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Templar offers healing, Intimidate for your Bane stone, stuns and resource regen.


Is it used to augment? It is used in a weapon to speed up experience gain. You use a stone that will never be useful to your monk in the cube to augment.


Boyarsky's Chip


Invigorating Gemstone

Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver

Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard


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Caldesann's Despair can use any legendary gem. the level of the gem determines how strong the enchant is (level x5 = stat score added). 


the type of flawless royal gem determines which stat is added.
-red str

-yellow int

-green dex

-purple vit

-blue nothing, oops.


the item must be ancient.

you can only add one Caldesann's to a given item; trying to add another will simply overwrite it.


Follower stats and player stats are completely independent; there's no bonuses added from one to the other.

Followers each have a mainstat, similar to players (templar str; enchantress int; scoundrel dex).

it's normally suggested to pick either the follower that matches your mainstat (for ease of getting the stat rolls on items), or the follower that provides the most useful benefits to you, eg:
-templar: healing, tanking

-enchantress: CC, minor buffs

-scoundrel: snappy dialogue! zing! ... yea, sadly, that really seems to be the most useful thing he offers in my books. ymmv.


there's a gearing guide for followers on this site. aside from those specific recommendations, basically anything works. their damage will rarely be enough to matter, so generally aim for items with useful non-damage or boosting effects (freeze, stun, The Oculus ring, etc)

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