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So hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I will get a t16 trinket.  I'm wondering, which of my current trinkets would be better to drop: 

ability_paladin_speedoflight.jpgVicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault


ability_warrior_bladestorm.jpgRenataki's Soul Charm?

The SPA talisman has a 8800 agi proc for 20 sec and 115 sec icd.  Renataki has a stacking 1107 agi proc for 10 sec.  According to my past few logs, Renataki had a better uptime and more procs.  However, the talisman has a more stable proc.  Both are LFR and until I get into a PvE guild I'm stuck with LFR.

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Get rid of shado ... if you are anything like most other hunter, hit will be soething you can be happy to get rid of.


In terms fo dps, get assurance trinket of any quality.

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