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Leveling Legendary Thoughts

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Hey boys and girls, long time no see!  I'm not quite the former Zagam as I've retired from the mythic scene, but I'll be around for a lot of chats, discussions, and to make new friends!

Anywho, thoughts on the legendaries to wear for leveling?  I have a few as I've leveled on the beta 4x, but I'm interested to hear others' thoughts. 

All Specs - pretty much just Sephuz, Soul of the Netherlord, and KJBW to choose from since Prydaz slow is consumed by the Heart of Azeroth neck piece.

  • Sephuz is a great choice for movement speed - the 30 second effect can be triggered by alternating Shadowfury and another CC in between such as Axe Toss, Mortal Coil, Fear, etc.  
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish - really good for AoE pulls.  75 second CD means you can pull lots of quest mobs and then use this to nuke them down a good bit.  Also comes with decent stats.
  • Soul of the Netherlord - gives Eradication to Destruction for boosted damage after Chaos Bolts and Soul Conduit to Demonology and Affliction for faster shard regeneration - a good choice across the board.


  • Feretory of Souls - a 6% chance for a full Ember on a fire cast proved to be pretty fun while leveling.  When out of combat, you return to 3 Embers, so when your Immolate or Conflagrate proc'd an additional Ember, you could fire two Chaos Bolts and be done with what you were fighting.
  • Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar - boosts damage of targets with Havoc by 15%.  This is pretty solid for leveling on a 30 second CD with Havoc.  You can apply it to elites and get a pretty solid DPS gain.
  • Magistrike Restraints - 20% chance for a Chaos Bolt cleave within 30 yards.  Not a bad choice if you pull two mobs at a time, but most questing comes in the solo variety or small packs.


  • Wilfred's Sigil - decent in that you'll get a lot of Demonic Tyrant uses, but most mobs do not require the Tyrant while leveling.  
  • Recurrent Ritual - Dreadstalkers refund one shard - this speeds up your Hand of Gul'dans by having your doggos cost one less shard.  


  • Sacrolash - 15% boost to Corruption and it slows enemies by 60%.  This can be very useful if pulling and kiting lots of mobs.  
  • Power Cord - 25% chance for free Unstable Afflictions on every mob you attack since each new mob will be a new UA target.  Speeds up your leveling damage.
  • Hood of Eternal Disdain - speeds up Agony damage, but probably not enough to really notice unless you combine this with Sacrolash and pull lots of mobs.

Personally, I'll be leveling Destruction with Soul of the Netherlord and Feretory of Souls.  The ring has the added bonus of having a gem slot which I'll be plugging in the new +5% experience gem and using the ring all the way to 120 just for its stats.  If you have Odr or the bracers, you'll be in good shape, too.  For Demonology, I'd recommend Recurrent Ritual and KJBW.  For Affliction, I'd take Sacrolash and either the Hood or Power Cord.  

What do you guys think or plan to do?

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I'm going to be going with Affliction, Sephuz/KJBW.  I'll be levelling in a party with Monk/Warr/DH all with mobility focussed legendaries, so I have to keep up somehow! Lots of strategic burning rushes/pots/gateways/circles for me.

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I heard a rumor that KJBW got nerfed on the beta recently.  If you're leveling in a party, sounds like you have an epic time ahead of you and legendaries won't be as good as your friends.  KJBW, even if nerfed, may still be valuable if you guys do big pulls.

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