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PvP talent guide for Warlocks

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I have searched everywhere to find a guide relating PvP talent guides for Destruction Warlocks.

Can anyone help me out? Which talents are good etc.

Thank you

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The PvP talents depend on what you want to do as Destruction.  It's niche used to be its capabilities to burst down two targets with Havoc, but Havoc's effect reduction in BFA pulls away from that a bit, so it's more single target oriented now.

  • Focused ChaosFocused Chaos increases Chaos Bolt by 65%, but you can only hit one target with it.  Without Focused Chaos, your Chaos Bolts could hit two targets, one for 100% and one for 60%.  With Focused Chaos, it makes your pure damage higher at 165% on a single target, but you can no longer spread your damage.  This will be a good talent if you are going up 1v1.  
  • CremationCremation just makes Conflagrate deal more damage if you have Immolate up.
  • Bane of HavocBane of Havoc is really good for questing in War Mode as you can drop Bane of Havoc on a group of mobs and Chaos Bolt them down with relative ease.  This becomes tricky to use against other players.
  • Fel FissureFel Fissure provides a snare and healing reduction effect in a very small 5 yard range after being hit by Chaos Bolt.  This one would be tough to use without follow up CC.
  • Entrenched in FlameEntrenched in Flame is a favorite of mine giving Destruction a reliable root that lasts for 3 seconds and is not broken by damage when you use Conflagrate.  This is good for questing in War Mode AND PvP.
  • The three curses, Curse of FragilityCurse of Fragility, Curse of TonguesCurse of Tongues, and Curse of WeaknessCurse of Weakness, are all dependent upon what you're fighting.  Fragility provides a health reduction, so it's useful against everything while Tongues is oriented towards neutralizing casters and Weakness neutralizes melee.  
  • Nether WardNether Ward is a 3 second spell reflect on a 45 second CD - worthless against most quest mobs and melee but very impactful if you can time it against strong caster spells or CC spells.
  • Essence DrainEssence Drain adds some damage reduction to Life Drain by making your target weaker against you.  In PvP, this can either push the opponent away from you to another target or just extend your life.  The effect stacks up to 25% and lasts 6 seconds, but using Life Drain is expensive in regards to mana and leaves you vulnerable to being interrupted and kicked from your Shadow spells.
  • Casting CircleCasting Circle is an 8 second effect on 60 second cooldown that provides immunity to silence and interrupts so long as you're standing in the circle.  It also removes the silence and interrupt protection from Unending Resolve.  Casting Circle provides more immunity protection on a shorter cooldown as long as you're not pushed or pulled from your circle.  

For questing, World Quests, and War Fronts against non-player targets, Focused Chaos, Bane of Havoc, and Entrenched in Flames will increase the damage you deal and give you a small CC as needed.  

For player versus player, Casting Circle, Essence Drain, and Nether Ward give more defensive capabilities with Casting Circle providing some offensive capabilities if not used for Drain Life.  Curses can be used as applicable when the opponent is known such as in arena.  

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