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hey guys , i am looking for a macro to help me copy dots faster , i am using at the moment :

/cast [nomod, @mouseover, exists, harm]soul swap; soul swap
/cast [mod:alt, @mouseover, exists, harm]soul swap; [mod:alt]soul swap
/tar [mod:alt]mouseover
with this macro i can copy dots to a different target without to change the main target , with 2 clicks , still on first click i cannot be with mouseover on any target .
can anyone help me to improve it or maybe have others better macros for soul swap

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By "click", I really hope you don't mean you're actually clicking the ability on your bar.


I really don't understand this macro. All you have it doing is casting Soul Swap at your mouseover or on the target if you don't have a mouseover, and doing nothing at all if you have shift or control held down.


Can you be more specific what you're looking for?

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Do I understand you correctly?

No mod: use soulswap on current target

alt as modifier: use soulswap on mouseover

Your original macro makes no sense trying to figure out if that's the case with mouseover all over the place. Afaik it isn't possible to soulswap twice with only one keypress, if that's something you were trying to do.

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I am looking for a macro to soul swap on mouseover with a button push without to change the target


I'm assuming English isn't your first language so there might be something lost in translation here, but from what this says it sounds like you want to only use ONE key press to soulswap from one target, to another target....this cannot be done. You need at LEAST two pushes to SS from target (A) to target B This can be on one KEY, but it will still take two pushes.


Personally I don't use a macro for this, but I also don't mouse over. I hard target.


If you want to use it on mouseover then I think all you need is


/cast [target=mouseover] Soul Swap


Mouse over target (A) that has dots on it, push macro and copy DoTs.

Mouse over new target, push macro and apply DoTs.

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I'm with Locky. I just hard target, but I use a focus so that I can always keep track of DoT power on that focus and start swapping from them quickly. Try this?


/cast [@focus, mod: ctrl] Soul Swap; [@mouseover, exists, harm] Soul Swap; Soul Swap


This will cast it on your focus if you hold control, or otherwise cast it on your mouseover if you have one, or simply cast it on your target as a default. None of these change your target.

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Good day, have problem with one macro, first  work fine: 


/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][@target][spec:2] Immolate, [spec:1] Corruption

But in this: 

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][@target][spec:2] Incinirate, [spec:1] Malefic Grasp


 - dont work first spell in macro (in this example not working inci, if i change order of spells  - not working grasp in affliction).

So, where i could made a mistake?

Edited by darthmantis

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Your second macro has Incinerate not spelled correctly.  It's "Incinerate."

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Sorry, i was in hurry. Problem not in spelling. First macro work, because corruption auto change on immo with respec. But same with second

/cast [spec:2,@mouseover,harm] [] Incinerate
/cast [spec:1,@mouseover,harm] [] Malefic Grasp

Another variation. First line work on target and mouseover, but second only on target. I think, where are mistake in conditions, but i cant see it ><

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Darthmantis, I would advise you install an addon which changes your bars depending on which spec you play. Makes it much easier and doesn't fill up our already precious macro slots.

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