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<exceL> is a recently-established raiding team based on the Tarren Mill server, Horde [EU].
Supported by one of the UK’s leading esports organisations, exceL Esports, we are building a raiding team in advance of Battle for Azeroth with the sole intention of progressing to and clearing mythic end-game content in the new expansion. For more information on exceL Esports please see our website and check out our social media pages:
exceL Esports was established in 2014 and is a professional competitive gaming organisation that serves to enable its playing staff to compete at the highest level in global esports. We value honesty, professionalism and integrity and look to combine our expertise with our passion for esports to create a stable, profitable and successful organisation.
exceL’s co-founders, Joel and Kieran, were hardcore Vanilla raiders and have remained fans of the World of Warcraft franchise ever since. exceL’s ambitions to recruit a raiding team are part of a wider strategy to explore opportunities in World of Warcraft esports.
Despite being a newly-established guild, our core members achieved Ahead of the Curve (11/11HC) in Antorus, the Burning Throne and would have progressed to mythic given more time. It remains our sole ambition to ensure this team is progressing through, and ultimately completing, BfA end-game content - up to and including Cutting Edge.
What you can expect from us:
  • A fun and friendly raiding team with an overt focus on raid progression combined with an understanding of life’s priorities
  • Fair treatment when making the raid team selection - in the event that we are over-subscribed for raids, rotation decisions will be made to offer all capable individuals the opportunity to contribute to raid progression
  • The opportunity to contribute to discussions regarding the guild’s strategies and decision-making
  • Utilisation of the Personal Loot system
We are looking for players who:
  • Can display relevant raid experience from Legion and/or previous expansions (at least 11/11HC in Antorus, the Burning Throne, is preferred)
  • Can provide evidence (i.e. logs) of strong previous raid performance
  • Take responsibility for their own raid attendance and performance
  • Are open to constructive criticism and are prepared to be given advice on how to improve their performance in raids
  • Will make every effort to educate themselves on developing raid strategies
  • Will make every effort to maximise the performance of their character, including the studying of relevant logs
  • Are prepared to take the initiative and make creative strategic suggestions to aid raid progression
  • Enjoy being part of a team
  • Are patient and understand that progression requires a positive and productive mindset
Recruitment and Requirements
Recruitment is currently open for the following classes/specs:
  • Tanks - All (except Blood DK)
  • Healers - Priest (Holy/Disc), Paladin (Holy)
  • Ranged DPS - Mage (Any), Priest (Shadow)
  • Melee DPS - Shaman (Enh), Rogue (Sub), Warrior (Arms) or Monk (WW)
Raid Schedule
Wednesday: 21:00-00:00
Sunday: 21:00-00:00
All times indicated are server times. You will be expected to be online at least 15 minutes before the raid start time, at which point the final raiding roster will be announced. At least one 10 minute break will be held during every raid.
We will not be doing mandatory split runs, alt raids or PTR tests. However all scheduled raids will be highly organised and focused.
You will not be asked to raid additional days. However we do expect members to be active outside of raid times to continue progressing their main characters. We are also likely to be regularly running Mythic+ dungeons, especially early on in the expansion.
How to Apply
If you are interested in applying please complete our application form -> http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdwlVrMK8l <- and if you have any questions, please contact our Guild Master Xanten#2717
Successful applicants will be invited to join our Discord server, used as the main VOIP platform whilst we are raiding as well as the guild’s main text-based communication platform.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from interested parties soon.
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We have made adjustments to our application form to make it easier for people to submit an application. Please check-out http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdwlVrMK8l if you are interested in joining our active and growing raiding team, aiming for mythic progression in BfA.

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exceL are currently seeking applications to join our friendly and ambitious raiding team ahead of BfA. You can submit an application here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdwlVrMK8l or chat to Xantten, our GM in-game. Really looking forward to welcoming some new members 🙂

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Hi all! My name is Harc and I am the Managing Director of exceL Esports and Officer in our recently established WoW guild, <exceL>!

We are delighted with the quality of applications we have been receiving for the guild so far. I wanted to pop a message in here to encourage anybody reading this who is interested in clearing end-game content in the new BfA expansion to consider visiting our guilded page linked in the OP and putting in an application.

Thanks and look forward to raiding with you soon,


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Opening post updated to reflect our current recruitment status. We are currently looking for the following class/spec combinations to complete our raiding team ahead of mythic BfA progression:

- Tanks - Closed
- Healers - Holy Paladin
- Ranged DPS - Druid (Balance), Mage, Warlock, Shaman (Elemental)
- Melee DPS - Death Knight (Frost/Unholy), Demon Hunter (Havoc), Monk (WW), Paladin (Ret), Rogue, Shaman (Enhancement), Warrior (Arms/Fury)

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Still recruiting multiple DPS classes/specs - if you're interested in mythic raiding progression in Uldir and beyond please consider an application. 11/11HC Antorus experience as a minimum is highly preferably - older xpac experience also valid.

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We will be heading in to Uldir on release week on September 5th. We are still looking for committed DPS players to join us for BfA Mythic progression raiding. Please visit the Guilded page in the opening post to apply.

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We are still recruiting for the following classes ahead of raid launch on 4th September.

Tanks - Monk (Brewmaster)/Druid (Guardian) [DPS offspec required]
Healers - Priest (Holy/Disc)
Ranged DPS - Mage (Any)

If you play one of the above and are interested in mythic raiding in Uldir, please see guilded.gg/exceL to apply.

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We currently sit at 5/8 Heroic (HC) progression and are still looking for the following classes/specs to round out our raiding roster as we head in to Mythic progression:

Tanks - All (except Blood DK)
Healers - Priest (Holy/Disc), Paladin (Holy)
Ranged DPS - Mage (Any), Priest (Shadow)
Melee DPS - Shaman (Enh), Rogue (Sub), Warrior (Arms) or Monk (WW)

If interested please apply over on our Guilded page -> http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdwlVrMK8l


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    • By joat
      Who We Are
      Tequila Sundown is a mythic raid team formed within the <Karma Horde> guild on US-Stormreaver. Lead by a husband/wife team with high-level raiding experience dating back to WotLK, we're a "positively determined" progression team that maintains a light-hearted atmosphere while tackling mythic difficulty content. We're mature adults with jobs and family seeking like-minded players who have a passion for the game but want to avoid the needless angst or drama that often gets associated with progression raiding. We log on to have fun - so come have some fun with us!

      A Team Within a Community
      Our raid team is one of three within the larger guild of <Karma Horde>, which was formed back during WotLK. As such, the guild and Discord are very active and social. There are always people around online and in-game. The community atmosphere is welcoming and friendly to players of all levels. The guild enforces a Code of Conduct that has zero tolerance for hate/offensive speech.
      We are always looking to add players with a friendly personality and lots of passion for the game. We want players who are going to log in on non-raid nights and be down for all the other things we're into: pushing mythic+, doing world quests, PVP shenanigans, achievement hunting, hyper-competitive fishing.. there's so much to do and so many ways to enjoy the game. This is our favorite hobby and we'd like to play with you if it is yours, too.

      Progression Goals
      6/8H, 8/8N Uldir.
      We strive for a fun environment that takes the challenges of mythic seriously and giving the content the respect it deserves. Our aim is, as all mythic teams, full clear of content but with always keeping the friendly spirit of camaraderie alive. Performance matters, but so does staying positive and finding the fun in the difficulty of a raid. We do not require mythic raid experience to join our team but we do expect mythic-level dedication and accountability from all of our raiders. You must be able to take constructive criticism and have ownership over your level of play, and be willing to put in the effort to be a contribution to the team.

      Raid Days/Times
      Our mandatory raids are:
      Tuesdays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
      Thursdays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
      Sundays 8:45pm PT - 11:45pm PT
      Sundays are for farming the previous raid difficulty.

      Recruitment Needs
      DPS: Wait-list. Players who are truly interested should fill out an application and join the guild as a community member until a raid spot opens up. 
      Interested? Next steps: 
      Please check out our team's wiki on the <Karma Horde> subreddit.
      Read the Guild Code of Conduct
      Complete and submit a New Raider Application
      Join the guild's Discord server
      Add the Raid Leaders on bnet:  joat#1832 & lambkill#1856  
      Looking forward to hearing from you!
    • By Kaatra
      Hi everyone,

      We are a guild that transferred from Alexstrasza to join the progression raiding scene as that server is very low population now. We are currently 8/8N and 4/8H uldir, and looking to move into heroics soon and mythic just after. 

      We do more than just raid, we love to do keys, transmog runs, and even some PvP. We have a large range of players from several walks of life and have a unique and fun atmosphere, we are friendly and love helping people. 

      We are looking for a few more members for our Sunday/Monday 5-8pm PST, and our tue/third 5-8pm PST. If anyone is interested in raid leading that will work too.

      We are primarily east coast based but have a plethora of players that are on at all times of day.

      Main needs for our raid team:
      ranged dps
      Exceptional players

      Of course all players as welcome as we do other guild activities such as world PVP, keys, xmog and other social activities.

      So come join this very active guild and we hope to hear from you.

      If you would like more information please add my btag at Kaatra#5865.

      I look forward to hearing from all of you.
    • By Orb
      <Banana Hammock> is a BFA social raiding & M+ guild for late night weekend raiders.
      Hours: 11pm-2am (Pacific) Saturday & Sunday  for progression raids
      Progression: 8/8 N 2/8 H
      Raiding Goal:  To reach AOTC each tier and to do mythic raiding if we can. 
      Looking for:  
      1 Healer 1 Hybrid(Dps/Heals) Ranged DPS  If interested in raiding or hanging out with us just message
      B.net:  Nox#1474, Anubismerc#1882, or Radjehuty#1804
      Discord: nox#2686