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Information on War Supply Drops (and Bounties) in Darkshore

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Hey folks

I hope you've all been enjoying the pre-patch so far and have had some fun in the wPvP madness happening in Darkshore. I've seen a little bit of confusion going around in chat channels about the Bounty system and I've also seen a lot of people confused about the War Supply Drop system in place. Because of this, I figured I'd just take a few moments to produce my findings after playing a pretty unhealthy amount since War of Thorns dropped and hopefully help some people out.

War Supply Drops

So everyone probably has a vague idea of what these are (especially with the Battle Royale craze going on at the moment). War Supply Drops are special drops which occur throughout the world regularly in the form of a crate. Here are some things to note about the drops (at the time of writing this post).

  • Drops are enabled for Darkshore only. 
  • Drops occur roughly every 20 minutes. No more/less frequent. (e.g. If one drops at 10:30, the next one will roughly drop at 10:50) -- **EDIT: I've noticed I slight time drift over the course of several drops. I have 2 theories: Either it's 20 minutes from the point of looting OR perhaps it's just a tad over 20 minutes and thus there'll be a slight time skew. With the sudden surge in players going for these after my initial post it is becoming a lot harder to identify this exactly.
  • Drops appear to have a extremely limited drop pattern. I have picked up quite a lot now and all of them have been in the same location except one.
  • Upon hitting the ground, the drop will be in a crate form. This is clickable by both factions and requires 10 seconds to activate Activating a drop will lock it to your faction and turn the drop into a chest. Once this happens you only have a very limited time for people to loot it.
  •   Only one person can successfully activate the drop and the get the [War Supplied] achievement. However, if you're in a party and all loot it, it will still contribute to all of your [Band of Brothers] achievements.  
  • The chest appears to drop base ilvl 210 class gear, similar to that of the world quests in the area. The gear can warforge on pick up though.

**Important Note**

After many pick-ups I've found the best place to wait is around co-ordinates 53/29 (Immediate North from "Maw of the Void"). This allows you to see the plane when it first spawns in. (It will always spawn directly North of you). The majority of crates seem to drop smack-bang on 53/29 but if not, you can fly with the plane and see the later drop and grab it easily. Recorded drops have been along the line 57/12 (North shore, by turtle shell), 53/29 (North of Maw of the Void), 48/49 (North-East of Eye of the Vortex) and have dropped at those 3 locations specifically.

I don't know how timing works across shards/severs at the moment so more feedback on that would be great.

Currently for EU-Argent Dawn the drop times (in GMT) seem to be in sync with the time intervals: 10:34, 10:54, 11:14, 11:34 etc. (Edit: Due to original time calculations this appears to no longer be quite as accurate. Most recent drops have aligned similar to 12:36, 12:56 etc.)


There seems to be a lot of misconceptions and misinformation going around about bounties which I just thought I'd try clear up with some quick explanatory points.

  • The Assassin buff is not the same as the Bounty debuff
  • For you to appear on the map you must have the Bounty debuff.  
  • The Bounty debuff has a chance to apply (even if you're not an assassin!), with the chance increasing along with the more kills you have.
  • If you have the bounty debuff you cannot mount, even with ground mounts. (Warning! It will kick you off your mount with no warning should you get it whilst mounted. Make sure you can slow fall/glide if you like to fly at decent heights!)
  • Logging out, world hopping or leaving the zone will remove your bounty.
  • If a target bounty dies it will drop a loot bag. These loot bags are single loot only and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Whoever loots it first will get the loot and no-one else will. (Even if you're in a party or even if whoever looted it didn't kill the bounty)
  • Bounty loot is the similar to that of WQs and Supply Drops. (210 ilvl base, however I'm not sure if it can warforge or not yet) 
  • Bounty Marked targets can still get around on a 2-Player mount if it's controlled by another player.
  • The highest number of bounties seen at any one time on the map is currently 5. Currently unaware if there is a cap or not.

**Currently every bounty I've looted has gone straight to the mailbox. I don't know if this is a bug or there's perhaps some weird interaction if multiple people are trying to loot it.

A quick tip for wPvP

At your Dalaran PvP vendor you can purchase a "Net-O-Matic-5000" for 25 Marks of Honour. This can be used to dismount people in the sky on their flying mounts. A definite must for Darkshore wPvP. Currently not many people expect this and a good portion will die from the fall damage.

An alternative to this is the Salt-Hardened Shell which can be found from a Rare directly under Archerus in the Broken Shore. (This also doesn't require war mode to be enabled!)

I hope this provides some useful information to some of you. Any feedback, additional information or corrections would be greatly appreciated.

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