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PvP talent for Prot Warrior

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Do you want talents for instanced PvP as Prot or Warmode talents for open-world PvE?

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Well I'll try to answer this. (I apologize 4 my english as i'm no native speaker)
1) warmode-Talents:
> Insignia: as you prefer - i use the auto-insignia
> Thunderclap-Root (it is not as usefull as in Legion because of the GCD but it helps to avoid ppl getting out of your Range)
> +15 Rage on charge (when you reach a player you want to have rage)
> +30% crit on SS when SB is active (more dmg *hrhr*)

2) for epic bg i would choose the same as warmode as they include pve-elements

3) normal BG - Arena
well how to say? - for me It's no fun because the templates fuck you up
Blizzard doesn't want tanks in BGs and the result is we are no good flag carriers (a lot of DDs and even some healers (Diszi/Druid) perform better) and we are no good Defenders as most DDs now have better Def-Abilities or Self-Heal or can use them more often because of lower CDs so you won't survive until reenforcements arrive.

Patch 8.0.1 made all tanks more vulnerable to Magic-DMG but the result for Prot-Warris is devastating. We are most likely to be killed by casters or magical Burst-Classes such as Retris and Frost-DKs without any chance to outlive them or even Dmg them hard enough so they need to back out. IF we would get back the Range-Silence on Heroic-Throw and the 5sec Deflect-All-Effect on SR (SD?) we would get a chance but on the first tear of Azerit-gear these effects aren't found [yes, there is Mass-Deflect, but it only lasts 3 sec which is like nothing]. So at the moment we can only hope to meet pve-players in warmode that don't know what to do when under pressure elsewise you can go meet BOB often.

and yes with warmode active you will often encounter 1 vs X situations as it was on old pvp-servers and most likely you will have no chance to defend youself.

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