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Pug tank m+15 and up

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How you you handle the first 2-3 gcd's when tanking in a pug group to get as much threat as possible from trashpack to trashpack?
I am using Diima, DRW, Pots other then the normal rotation abilities. PS. this is a question for when you don't have hunter/rouge in the group and the dps ignores you or unable to communicate in English. (sorry if i missed other posts about threat)

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It usually goes like this:

- Grasp + Diima

- DRW -> Blood Boil

- DnD -> Blood Boil

- Get Bone Shield stacks up

- Spam Heart Strike while inside DnD to hit more targets and build up RP


After that it depends on your talents:

- If you’re making the slight mistake of taking Consumption, use that on CD.

- If you’re taking Bonestorm in 100 tier, pop it after building up RP.


That should get you up and running in every pull, limiting yourself a bit when some crucial abilities (Grasp) are on CD, and keeping track on your defensives to maximize survivability (e.g. VB before Bonestorm for increased healing).

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DPS will have to adjust their mindset a bit too in the early part of this expansion but as your asking the question that's a good start and shows your thinking ahead. 


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