Island Expeditions Battle Pets in Battle for Azeroth

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You can earn up to 28 battle pets from Island Expeditions in Battle for Azeroth. Here's our overview with all models and battle pet abilities!

Every time you complete and Island Expedition, you'll receive Azerite, Seafarer's Dubloons and there's a change to receive various pets and mounts


  • I'm Here for the Pets is an achievement that you complete by collecting all of the Island Expeditions battle pets. It's required for the Expedition Leader meta-achievement and the "Expedition Leader" title.

Island Expedition Battle Pets

Up to 28 pets can be collected from Island Expeditions. Captain Nibs, Giggling Flame, Kunchong Hatchling, Laughing Stonekin, Mischievous Zephyr & Playful Frostkin are not tradeable. The rest can be caged and sold.


“A wealthy pirate captain met with a strange man on the docks of an unknown city and bartered for everlasting life for his faithful companion. As with most monkey-related wishes, something went wrong.”



Bloodstone TunnelerBloodstone Tunneler

“Is that a venomous worm in your pocket or... why is that in your pocket?”



Captain NibsCaptain Nibs

“Captain Nibs was once the leader of an ill-fated sea voyage of slightly-too-smart-for-their-own-good monkies that quickly capsized.”



Coldlight SurfrunnerColdlight Surfrunner

“The coldlight once were quite common across the oceans, to the grumbles of many hunters, but no longer.”



Craghoof KidCraghoof Kid

“The hooves of this subgroup of goats have evolved to be equally surefooted on sand or stone.”



Deathsting ScorpidDeathsting Scorpid

“It's sting is worse than... well nothing, really. Are you sure you want to keep this as a pet?”



False KnucklebumpFalse Knucklebump

“Someone put this mechanical gorilla on the island to monitor the species, but who, and why?”



Giggling FlameGiggling Flame

“The most nefarious of the trickster spirits, and the reason why the pandaren invented fireproof pants.”




“Whatever the story of his mysterious eyepatch is, he's not talking.”



Juvenile BrineshellJuvenile Brineshell

“Even young brineshell are drawn to the line in the sky that meets the waves, it calls them.”



Kindleweb SpiderlingKindleweb Spiderling

“The kindleweb spider species is known amongst the island tribes for its warm, threadable webbing.”



Kunchong HatchlingKunchong Hatchling

“Based on the size, the mantid appear to be re-growing their swarm, likely due to the presence of a new empress.”



Laughing StonekinLaughing Stonekin

“The earth that's rumbling beneath your feet... is it quaking or laughing, or both?”




“Littlehoof likes: bounding, bouncing, frolicking, and headbutts, in that order.”



Mischievous ZephyrMischievous Zephyr

“"Beware the cool breeze, for it brings trickery." - pandaren proverb”



Muskflank CalflingMuskflank Calfling

“Getting just one of these fragrant beasts damp is the olfactory equivalent to rolling around in a pile of wet dogs.”



Octopode FryOctopode Fry

“A baby octopode is technically referred to as a "squish."”



Playful FrostkinPlayful Frostkin

“You know how disappointing it is when you return to your beverage and the ice has all melted? This guy's fault.”




“Poro cannot fly, but enjoys a long lifespan hopping along the ground and shaking the fruits from trees.”



Sandshell ChittererSandshell Chitterer

“During the warm summer months, the noise that these pests make is enough to drive a person mad.”




“Scuttle was named after the ships he destroys, not his movement patterns, and don't you forget it.”




“Wear gloves with this little guy, he loves to bite!”




“Particularly partial to coastal scrub grasses, this hardy species has survived many years in uncharted lands.”



Sparkleshell SandcrawlerSparkleshell Sandcrawler

“The shells of this particular group of crabs shimmer like gems on the sand.”



Sunscale HatchlingSunscale Hatchling

“The bright scales of this rare wind serpent soak up the sunlight to keep it warm, even in shade.”



Thistlebrush BudThistlebrush Bud

The sprites that inhabit the islands of the Great Sea have thought of many traps to lure in unwary visitors.”



Tinder PupTinder Pup

“The only balls this hound chases are diamond-hard, fireproof rocks. Very heavy, not fun to throw.”



Voru'kar LeecherVoru'kar Leecher

“The voru'kar are fiercely loyal to their leader, Vorus'arak, who led them to safety from the Lich King's grasp.”



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Every time an article or patch note mentions battle pets, I go "oh, yeah, I forgot you can play pokemon in this game!"

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On 7/28/2018 at 3:55 PM, Stan said:

As with most monkey-related wishes, something went wrong.


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      World bosses, Mythic+ dungeons, Uldir, and Warfronts will be available on September 4. A bug discovered earlier this morning caused the epic world boss quest to appear on the world map. Blizzard confirmed that was not intended and fixed the issue.
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