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What am i doing wrong? help me with my logs:)

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i just got back into the game...an its totally changed for me:)


ive tried survival but i dont seem to get the rotation at all so my DPS is utterly crap

so im sticking with BM as i feel i have more controll over my dps in that specc


but what am i doing wrong??
i need help from som logcrackers to come with some suggestions about everything:)

specc? gear? gems? enchants? an above all my rotation's

i feel iam at a end where i dont know how to improve my rotation, an judging from other hunter dps i KNOW there is room for alot of improvement


my log from last nite flex (only log i have)



my armory



any help/hints is appreciated

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I would either use Askmrrobot.com or Reforglite addon to get up your expertise and hit cap to 7.5%. By default, AMR( ask mr robot ) will put you near 7.5%, could be 7.49% or 7.47%. Your expertise is ~6.49%. Needs to be at 7.5% so your attacks don't dodge/parry, etc.


Your serpent sting uptime on Thok could be a bit better, you're ranged so you should always stay on Thok during transition phases. Flasking + prepot normally adds a few k on dps here/there, so that's another suggestion to consider. I see that you have only pre-potted twice during 3 bosses, Should be 6 virmen's bite for the 3 bosses. 3 during the beginning phase where you engage the boss and then 3 during the "execute" phases, or where you know you need to burn the boss especially hard. 


I'd recommend that you try and pre-pot on the fights. Enchant wise you look good, gem wise I'd maybe swap a couple gems for agi + hit gems just to get the hit cap and then when you feel comfortable you can swap those out and gem agi + crit or agi + haste.

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It seems your usage of Kill Command is low, 24 uses in 186 seconds of combat, then 19 in over 480 seconds, then back up to 42 in 321 seconds. Since it has a 6s CD it should be a bit more frequent in the first 2 fights, the last isn't so bad.


Perhaps your priority is wrong? The Icy Veins Beast Mastery Hunter guide is fairly accurate, and has Kill Command listed as the most important ability. Try to keep time your cobra shots in a way that your serpent sting never falls, that you'll have enough focus for kill command, and then skip over it to arcane shot on that list. Cobra > Arcane shot in priority if you're low focus and serpent is low duration.


When I'm playing my hunter, I tend to follow the priority in a way that when it comes to Arcane Shot vs Cobra Shot, I choose Cobra Shot unless I'm above 60 or so focus, or if I'm somewhat high and I just used Kill Command. You really want to get the hang of getting that Kill Command off as often as possible, keeping serpent up, then getting the right balance of focus to arcane shot with. It's okay to start getting too much focus and work your comfort level back down to the right amount, but starving yourself will ruin your dps.


Kattii might be able to answer you better as she's a hunter main. I'm sure she'll be able to give more help.

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