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Quest Log Glitch Hotfix: August 1st

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Blizzard identified a bug that causes the quest log to become empty when changing zones and they have rolled out a hotfix, but it may take some time to cycle through and update across all realms. Affected players will not have their quest progress reinstated.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Logged on this character a few minutes ago and noticed in my inventory that my raid mission quests were showing they could be accepted. Checked my log, it's completely empty, which included a ton of stuff partially complete. I accepted one of the quests to see if it was just a display error, it is unfortunately not.

We're starting to see a number of these reports come up. Let me ask, do any of you use addons that related to questing and your questlog? Those that might have the ability to abandon the quests? 

I'm wondering if this is a new bug, or perhaps an addon is out of date and doing something it shouldn't.

Thanks all. This is being looked into.

Sigh, I SUPPOSE not. Doesn't fix my broken quest tho

If you are referring to the quests abandoning, it certainly can. By "we're looking into this" I mean that our QA team is investigating the quests abandoning. If they can then figure out why they are abandoning they can put out a resolution that will stop that from happening. 

A resolution and an empty box still gets you a very useful empty box that can be used to hold some of your most favorite things... oh and the issue resolved so you can pick up quests and hold onto them when you are zoning. 

As soon as I have more information I'll update this thread.

So the question is will quests be restored, including the status that the quest was in, or are we gonna have to start all over? lol

I don't know if that is possible, Kamarel, but that is certainly part of the discussion about this situation. For the most part you should be able to just pick the abandoned quests back up, but for those who had partially or fully completed the quest, there may not be a way to verify that progress to restore it. One step at a time, let's get the quests to stop abandoning upon zoning first.

Don't want to tell you how to do your job, but you're basically telling people: We messed up, and you'll pay the price. Start over.

First, please watch the language. 

I am not trying to diminish the impact of this issue at all, it is obviously a huge deal. Especially depending on the quest that was lost... Bugs are regrettable when they happen, and we do what we can to deal with the outcome. I don't want to make any promises on a resolution when I don't know what may be possible here. 

As an update, a fix has been found and implemented and it is populating through the live realms now. It will take a little while to cycle through and update across all realms/shard but folks should stop losing their quests.

Should it not be possible for those of us affected to post someplace and have our quests restored from before the glitch started?

Likely not, Tawsh. We have no way to update quest progression, we're unable to grant partial progress, etc... . If we could, verification would require extensive log searches that may not actually provide a full history if some of the progress was made outside the scope of the logs (i.e. within a month on average). 

As it stands it is unlikely that we'll be able to assist directly with restoring quest progress. If the quest required you to collect items that were not labeled as "Quest", they should still be in your inventory and the quest will update when you pick it back up. 

You should otherwise be able to pick up any quest that you had before this incident by returning to the NPC that provided it. 

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused.

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18 hours ago, Stan said:

Don't want to tell you how to do your job, but you're basically telling people: We messed up, and you'll pay the price. Start over.

Really, guy?

As all knowing as you may think they are, they cannot track every item for every character on every realm, ever.  Just aint gonna happen.

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