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LF casual guild (Alliance, “new” player, no realm.

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Returning to wow, I last played during WOTLK and haven’t since, never really raided, so between all the changes over the years I’m basically a new player. 


I have little interest in raiding, the occasional dungeon is fine but for the most part I won’t get to play too much (a few hours a week at most). 


If there’s a casual guild around accepting noobs, let me know the guild name and realm, so I can start my character there (Human affliction warlock). 


Thank you!

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Hi Indila! I'm with Protectorate of the Lion. We are a newly forming guild with a very positive community - we do weekly raiding going into BfA, but we also have a lot of people leveling that are new to the game. We have veterans, returning, and new players who all help each other learn how to be better! With class leaders teaching certain classes the ins and outs of what they need to know! We are on Moonguard and while we do have an RP campaign going on (not nasty ERP I assure you!) We are the perfect guild for getting back into this game and seeing for yourself all there is to do! 



Co-GM of Protectorate of the Lion

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Thank you for your consideration, but I’m not really keen on RP overall. The idea just doesn’t fit me- I’m not really looking to stay in character or anything of the sort, just to quest, run a few dungeons and such! Thanks again though!

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