Squirt Active in Europe Today

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Squirt overlaps with the Pet Battle Bonus Event (Sign of the CritterSign of the Critter) this week, allowing you to powerlevel your battle pets to level 25.

Squirt can be found in your Warlords of Draenor garrison, but only if you have the Pet Menagerie unlocked. Squirt counts as a trainer and your pets will receive +200 % experience from the event. For 10% increased XP, don't forget to use the Safari HatSafari Hat. You can find plenty of strategies on the official forums. Thanks to redditor moreliaaa for bringing this upPaladance also posted a useful "Squirt schedule" over at WarcraftPets. Bold text indicates Squirt's overlap with the Sign of the CritterSign of the Critter buff.


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1 hour ago, Prophet001 said:

If Squirt is up today then this schedule is wrong isn't it?

It's up in Europe.

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