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I'm finding the usage of the orc racial kind of cluttering my buttons. I'm fully aware of it being of GCD, but it feels annoying having to press another button when I'm trying to line up both Aspect of the Wild and Bestial Wrath. This is for one of my alts, one of the classes that I enjoy fully (aesthetically and functionally)

So should I remove it or keep it?

P.S. When I use barbed shot should I just cast it for the buff for my pet, and not care for the overcapped focus? 

I open my rotation with:

Orc Racial and Aspect of the Wild

followed by A murder of crows and Bestial Wrath

then Kill command, Chimera shot and Barbed shot

Or just stick with One with the pack? (since it seems to be the more stronger talent the longer we get into this expansion)


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just use a macro:

#showtooltip Aspect of the Wild
/use Blood Fury(Racial)
/use Aspect of the Wild

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