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Some Questions for Help

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After i try starter acc and making new acc for wow need some advice and help tips.


First is wanna buy bfa but not sure how its working if i buy from some shops coz is cheapest then on blizzard store.


Need make a subs too or not coz i see blizz have some complete collection for bfa includes 30days playtime . So dont know if another sites have too or i must make a sub.


Next Q is class i try disc priest druid tank from lvl 1 and not sure druid was little boring to me 


My goals in bfa is mythic + dungeons and LFR (and maybe some normal and hc raid nothing hardcore)


I rly wanna tanking but not sure what pick and what will be fine for these goals.


I have two classes for decide warrior and DK .  Cant decide that a take first off all warrior probably boost coz leveling now i guess its not good idea coz 2 days bfa coming so i guess everyone will be push so i cant lose a time with leveling dont know rly.

DK is class who starts on 55lvl so its better maybe for leveling not too much levels for 120. What i like is leveling throght dungeons dont know why but after years questing for me its not my coffee anymore .


Realm i was thinking about pick some fine good realm wanna play with some old friends but we are not in contact so dont know too . 

Realm i was looking was Tarren mil horde or chamber of aspect (alliance).


Race for class wich is fine for pve mostly warrior and for DK (ork or taurens ?)  (Human or dwarf) .


Guilds i try find some guild who raiding very casually and doing max heroic raiding ( best will be only normal but guess they dont exist)


TY for helps and tips for me rly cant decide myself

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1. to play beyond level 20 you will need "game time", either through a Subscription, Game Time Cards (are those still a thing?) or a WoW Token which can be bought with in-game currency (not really an option for new players)

2. the free 30-days are only included in the complete collection. you save a few bucks as a new player because it's cheaper than the standalone expansion and a regular subscription month.

3. be extremely careful with non-official online shops. some of those are shady or just outright criminal in how they acquire their keys. either buy retail, through one of the bigger online retailers like amazon, or through the official shop.

4. don't worry about being left behind. once you reach max level, gearing up for raids and M+ is incredibly easy, and there will be plenty of catch-up mechanics in the future.

5. every class and specialization is viable (unless you are a Mythic Raider or pushing for very high M+). whether it's the right class/spec for you, only you can decide. you can test any class yourself by creating a temporary level 110 test character.

6. leveling through dungeons alone is only recommend if you are a tank or are grouping up with one. otherwise you will be waiting 5-30 minutes or more for an invite, depending on the time of day. it's also generally slower than open world questing.

7. realm isn't as much of an issue anymore thanks to crossrealm play. so, unless you want to be in a guild with your friends, it doesn't matter, and you should just go with any highly populated realm.

8. race doesn't matter in PvE. the differences in DPS/HPS and survivability are marginal, and utilities like Tauren stomp or Goblin rocket jump are highly situational.

9. there are casual raiding guilds aiming for normal and heroic progress, and I would highly recommend joining one. Don't bother with raiding unless you wanna do it in an organized group. LFR is a poor misrepresantion of what raiding really is all about, and pickup groups are not worth the frustration and toxicity. same can be said to a lesser extent about Mythic+, so try to find some people who have the same goals as you, and stick with them.

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Hello mate  ty  for your big answers .


Well ofc i wanna leveling like a tank its my goal be a tank . 


High level mythic dungeons ? Dunno how far can i get . So i guess pick for example DK level normal until 110 and then buy expansion bfa . 


Yea u are right about guild wanna something casual nothing hardcore pushing

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1 hour ago, Haligy said:

High level mythic dungeons ? Dunno how far can i get

So, the way Mythic Dungeons work is that at a certain level, the rewards stop getting better and you are really just pushing higher keys for the fun of it, as a personal challenge. It's the 5-man equivalent of Mythic Raiding essentially, and that's where class and spec start to matter. But as you said, you don't plan on going hardcore, so any class will do fine. If the DK seems like the right class for you, go for it 🙂

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