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Hi.. I am a relatively new player who started in WoD and been playing on and off in the last two expansions. I am currently on vacation and I’ve been struck by a hype for the new expansion. I’ve been discussing with my younger brother, who joined in legion, about professions, mounts, classes you name it. But when I was about to watch some classguide on Yt a recommended video popped up and I clicked it.. It was titled “Old content much harder” along with something about stat squish (which I was aware about). After watching the video I searched the topic on wow forums and Yt and I must say that I am truly devastated. As a kinda bad player I’m enjoying old repfarming and trying to obtain new armor sets and that was the plan for Bfa as well. But it seems like they have made the raids so hard to solo that they are almost impossible.. which makes a player like me want to sit down in a corner and slowly wither away. Of course I’m not quitting the game because I know that wow has tons of other things you can do and I’m looking forward to to playing bfa.. I just feel like a part of wow (my favorite part) has been taken away.. my favorite thing to do was farming old raids along to some Iron Maiden. I’m going to miss that and I feel like my newly gained hype has already died a little.. I would be thrilled to have misunderstood the whole thing so feel free to reply if I’m wrong.

Cheers I guess

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Old raids wont be harder or they arent now. At the moment there are spme issues due to states squish. As i read, some bosses are a bit hard at the moment. There can be bugs and incorrect dmg-scaling. But blizzard usually fixs such bugs. 

I think you will be able to farm older raids without any issues. 

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