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Please help our guilds mage.

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Hi. I was hoping some of you experts could take a look at a log, and one of my guilds mages to help him improve his DPS. 


He just got back to the game, and we really dont have anyone in the guild wich have to much knowledge regarding mages, so its hard to help him. 


I know he didnt flask during the particular raid, but he used the +500 stat item atleast. 


Here is his armory: 



Here is a log from Flex, all 4 bosses: 



Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback where he can improve his dps. 


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Hello there!


I'm not an expert, but I'm a helpful dude, who is experienced in reading and comparing logs :) I hope I'll be good enough :D


He is 1,4% above hit cap. 15% is the cap, thus 1,4% of hit could be reforged into more beneficial stat.

He should change Yu'lon's bite trinket as soon as possible. Crit is preeetty bad for frost mage, even an LFR SOO trinket is better than that.


Dat Mist-piercing head :P But I guess it is just temporary. :)


Something that might sound a bit harsh, but Mining has no beneficial at all for mages. No int gain, nothing like that. He could, to easily farm mats with mining for engineering, which is currently the best profession for mages, because synapse spring can be extended via alter time.


Presence of mind is a NAHH for frost mage. Get either of the other 2 talents, for more optimized movement.


Glyph of Mana gem and blink are also naah for frost mage. Icy veins glyph is a big YAY! Splitting ice is yaay, water elemental is a yaay or rapid displacement yaay based on situation.

Despite being a minor glyph I found glyph of Momentum useful in some cases :)


Nooow, I'm looking at Iron juggernaut logs, cuz that is a single target fairly stationary fight.



He had 73% uptime of Living bomb, whereas it should be over 95%. Any mage bomb tracking thingy could help in this.

He had 36 procs of Braind Freeze, but only used 28. He had 42 FoF procs, but he used Ice Lance ~50 times, which tells me, that he was casting Ice lances while moving.. Which would be okay, but using those GCDs on a Blink/Blazing speed to quickly reposition yourself instead, then keep on casting Frostbolts is much more beneficial.


91% invoker's energy uptime is well.. okay., but could still be a bit higher. :)


He didn1t use Icy-veins, Alter time on the pull where you should have used heroism. But I also cannot see that in the log. Prepoting is a huge DPS boost as well.


Alter time should also be used along with other DPS cooldowns AND trinket procs. If Icy-Veins and Alter time are off of CD and you are assuming that a trinket will proc in about 6 seconds you should delay using them, and use Alter Time when the trinkets proccd. This is especially true at the pull where every trinket will proc 100% almost. :)


Also, snapshotting! When you get an intellect proc, you will want to refresh your mage bomb and let that one expire. Since that is an empowered one. :)



These are all I could see :) hope it helped

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