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Allied Races: Kul Tiran Humans in Battle for Azeroth

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Here's our preview of Kul Tirans including customization options, available classes, and Druid forms!

Welcome to our preview of Kul Tirans. The Alliance will get access to the Allied Race later in Battle for Azeroth.

Table of Contents 

Unlock Requirements (Speculation) 

Alliance players will be able to recruit Kul Tirans after the Siege of Zuldazar raid. Requirements have been recently revealed and you will need to complete the Alliance War Campaign and be Exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty.

Playable Classes  

Only Druids have been confirmed as a playable race so far and Kul Tiran Humans have really cool Druid forms!

  • Druid

Druid Forms [Return to Top]  

All Kul Tiran Human Druid forms have been added to the game, only Moonkin Form is missing.

Aquatic Form (Brown)


Aquatic Form (Dark)


Aquatic Form (Green)


Aquatic Form (Light)


Bear Form (Brown) [Return to Top]


Bear Form (Dark)


Bear Form (Green)


Bear Form (Light)


Cat Form [Return to Top]


Flight Form (Brown) [Return to Top]


Flight Form (Dark)


Flight Form (Green)


Flight Form (Light)


Travel Form (Blue) [Return to Top]


Travel Form (Brown)


Travel Form (Green)


Travel Form (White)


Racials [Return to Top]

Racial abilities have not been added yet.

Racial Mount (Speculation) [Return to Top]

No official racial mount has been announced just yet, but Kul Tiran Druid forms revolve around the "wicker" theme, so the racial mount may very well be a wickerbeast? 


Heritage Armor [Return to Top]


Customization Options [Return to Top]


Skin Color




Hair Color


Hair Style

fhair1front.pngfhair1perspectie.pngfhair1side.pngfhair1back.pngfhair2front.pngfhair2perspective.pngfhair2side.pngfhair2back.pngfhair3 front.pngfhair3perspective.pngfhair3side.pngfhair3back.pngfhair4front.pngfhair4perspective.pngfhair4side.pngfhair4back.pngfhair5front.pngfhair5perspective.pngfhair5side.pngfhair5back.pngfhair6front.pngfhair6perspective.pngfhair6 side.pngfhair6back.pngfhair7front.pngfhair7perspective.pngfhair7side.pngfhair7back.pngfhair8front.pngfhair8perspective.pngfhair8side.pngfhair8back.pngfhair9front.pngfhair9perspective.pngfhair9side.pngfhair9back.png

Male [Return to Top]

Skin Color




Hair Color


Hair Style




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On 8/15/2018 at 2:37 AM, MZLICH said:

Still can't believe these guys have druids but pandas. ..

Only thing worse than pandas are elves

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

He probably meant ThinHuman.

They are floating around in the char planer. That said, they have to make the druid forms look awesome since you can’t look at either kul tiran or thin humans :) 

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On 8/16/2018 at 9:46 AM, Dxn1350 said:

A regular human you mean?

They just look like they would have sweet casting animations. Haven't seen any of them casting in-game yet so dunno how possible it is. 

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I think it's safe to say we'll have warriors and hunters. Every race has them and we've seen instances of both (Hunters will probably get a falcon as their first pet?). Paladins are doubtful at the moment. Flavor text has a few times popped up suggesting that the Kul Tirans follow the sea like other humans follow the light. This could suggest shamans, but I can only imagine the outrage if KT get shammies and Zandalari don't get pallies. Rogues are fairly likely as well; almost every race has rogues save the hoofed (and very large) Taurens and Draenei. This leaves mages (likely, clearly KT are capable of magic, see Jaina), priests (still possible, shadow priest types? Blizz has been expanding priest races a lot, with only Orcs and Highmountain still not able to), and warlocks (we see absolutely no signs of demon collusion in Kul Tiras as far as I know, but the coven's magic would fit well with affliction locks, a solid maybe). DKs and DHs are obviously not happening.


Regarding mounts, they likely won't get the thorny things. The druid shapes are because they follow the old Drust tradition of the Thornspeakers. The creature above is a twisted creation of that through the Coven's magic. But neither has much tie to KT as a whole, solely to Drustvar. More than likely we're getting yet another horse.

Edited by Plainsrunner

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13 hours ago, Plainsrunner said:

More than likely we're getting yet another horse.


For sure: See mounts we get from Reps associated with factions in levelling zones. Horde awesome Dinosaur, freaking Hyena and some strange Spiderflyer. The Alliance gets: A horse, a horse aaaand a horse (my kingdom for a horse. At least King Richard III would be happy).

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