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Protection Weakauras Setup

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I've tanked on and off in WOW for several expansions, but I've never done it seriously enough to use anything beyond some basic threat nameplate addons. I wanted to get a little more serious this expansion, so I caved and downloaded Weakauras, which seems nearly necessary to keep track of CDs, buffs, and charges while keeping your eyes from getting stuck to the bottom of the screen.

Ipse's Warrior setup - https://wago.io/EkMnku8FZ - seemed the most popular, so I imported it. It very nearly works, but I found it lacks a few essential features that keep me glancing down at my actionbar. For one, there's no highlight on Revenge when it gets a free cast proc. I still get the vanilla aura that pops up to the side, but I have to mentally connect that aura to the revenge button, which takes some precious time. The bigger problem is that Shield Block and Ignore Pain don't grey out with insufficient rage. They only tell you if the cooldown is in effect or not, not whether you can actually cast them at the moment.

I was wondering if anyone else had similar problem with Ipse's WAs and, if so, if anyone has been able to fix them. Or can recommend an alternative.

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Hey, this is a little old, but since there are no replies, I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

I found Khakhan's WeakAura (https://wago.io/NJeZW75_Z) really simple and clean for keeping track of rotation, procs, and active mitigation. It's full of goodies, and it deals with the problems you mentioned in a satisfying and "easy to track at a glance" way: Revenge procs give off a quick animation and stay highlighted with the word "Free" over it; Ignore Pain tells you if you can or can't cast it by the color of the large icon, and while it's up, it tells you how much damage mitigation it has left and for how long it will be up (this part is so good, I just expanded it to make it larger); and Shield Block charges and uptime are all tracked, though it isn't as visually obvious. I made my own customizations to make AM cds and uptime, as well as cd uptime like Shield Wall, more clearly presented. Some of my customization was inspired by Sco's WA, mostly the display of the Shield Block charges and uptime. I know almost nothing about WA, so you can customize it fairly easily, and since it does so much good stuff, mostly you'll just want to move stuff around and let it go to work.

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