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[H - Emerald Dream] <Inertia> New Casual PvX Guild

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About Us
We are two veterans (we have both played off and on since vanilla) who have returned for BfA with a strong desire to see content. We have both been in top tier raiding guilds in the past, from seeing Naxx in vanilla (something only about 1% of the WoW population can claim) to clearing Sunwell in BC (another 1%).

Now, we both have real adult jobs (and wives), and no longer have as much time to commit to the game.

About <Inertia>
We intend <Inertia> to be a fairly laid back mature guild. No drama, just a few friends getting together a few times a week to experience content.

What will we do?
While our focus will be on progression into heroic content, we intend to be involved in everything the game has to offer. From WPvP to Mythic+ to Battle Pets.

When will we do it?
We are on track to be geared enough for Normal (possibly Heroic) Uldir on week 1. Our goal is to have a viable group of people by then.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday: 8PM - 11PM Server
Friday: 8PM - 11PM Server
Possible weekend night depending on group consensus.

Other events will be planned on a more casual basis/by the interest of the guild.

Who/what are you looking for?
We are accepting applications from all interested players of all roles/classes.

What's your character's backstory?
He was once a human, but then he died.

While neither of us consider ourselves RPers, the guild is RP friendly and you're more than welcome to join us on our adventures!

How do I apply?
Feel free to contact me on Discord: Noxel#6309

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