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Unholy opening in M0 and M+

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Hey guys!

So I was wondering, what is the best way to start fight with trash in dungeons? Assuming I am using 3131212 in talents and have everything off CD:

0) Outbreak should be used before everything else, no questions about that, spending 1 rune and 1 GCD

1) Should I use Festering strike on one of the targets before placing Death and Decay and starting to spam Scourge Strike/Clawing shadows? Or is it better to just pop Unholy frenzy?

I mean, if I use Festering, i'll only have 2 runes available for Scourge strikes, with 1-3 more runes respawning at the end of the d&d duration, which feels kinda meh ?

2) Apocalypse should be used only after Death and Decay expires, right? Right now I often find myself in M0 not popping apocalypse till the boss or miniboss fight starts, as trash packs are often at 20-30% after DnD and there is neither time nor resources to stack 4 wounds on one target. This probably won't be the case in M+, but maybe I'm missing something?


Would appreciate your opinion on the topic!

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