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This thread is for comments about our Zul raid guide.

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We pulled this off last night with a large group of mostly pugs.  Prioritizing adds in the right order is SUPER important.  My tips are...

  1. Use two interrupts to get one of the Hexxers into melee range and pummel it.  Interrupt, but DO NOT STUN.  You want to save your stun for when it hits 100 energy and tries to cast an ichor.  You can remove the ichor mechanic from the melee Hexxer by stun locking it after it hits 100 energy.  If you stun it before, you will hit stun diminishing returns and get a melee range ichor which will be bad.  We actually got both Hexxers into melee range and blew them up, but considering their anti-stacking mechanic, this will not likely be usable in Heroic.
  2. Arcane Torrent is amazing for dispelling the Minions of Zul.  If that's not available, Mass Dispel easily removes them.  
  3. Death Knight tank should be on Zul while other tanks handle Crushers.  DK's mass grip is unbelievably useful for interrupting casts, pulling the grubworms into a stackable pile, and gripping in Hexxers.
  4. Hold DPS when Zul gets to 43% and clean adds - do NOT go into transition with adds up.  Things get bad.
  5. Hold Bloodlust til about 30%.  The healers need it.  
  6. If the boss is below 5%, consider not dispelling the debuff to keep everyone alive.

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