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Battle for Azeroth Story: Week 2

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Blizzard has posted a roundup of the latest story development in Battle for Azeroth for week 2. The article contains spoilers.

If you're late to the party, don't worry! The first week of the story is covered here. This week's oficial preview includes Jaina's nightmare and visions, the shady deal between Rastakhan and Bwonsamdi after Rezan's death, return of the Kul Tiran fleet, and finally, Zul shattering the final seal to free Blood God G'huun from his prison with the help of Mythrax.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Turn back now if you have yet to play through the current Kul Tiras or Zandalar story lines.

The Battle for Azeroth continues, and for those interested in the latest story developments, we’ve collected several in-game cinematics—including the culmination of current events in Kul Tiras and Zandalar!


Jaina Proudmoore continues to wrestle with her inner demons, including the betrayal of her father Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Sleep is fleeting—and when it comes, it’s full of nightmares.


Deals with the loa often come at a cost. When Rastakhan makes a deal with Bwondsamdi, the loa of death, what price will he pay?


Jaina Proudmoore has lived with her own personal torment for years, both as betrayed and betrayer. Her path to salvation rests not only in her choices today, but in her ability to forgive those who have hurt her most—including herself.


For the heroes of the Alliance, every path has led back to Kul Tiras. There, Jaina Proudmoore must reclaim her heritage and embrace her role as the daughter of the sea. To do, she’ll need to summon the Kul Tiran fleet and defend her ancestral home.


Threats from within and without have plagued the Zandalari and their king, Rastakhan. But no threat could be greater than when the great seal within Zuldazar is shattered and an ancient evil is set free from its prison.

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      Timewalking returns with Cataclysm and the Firelands raid!
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      Look for the following all week long:
      Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar and Chronicler Toopa in Boralus have a quest for you. You can also start the quest from within the Adventure Guide (Shift- J).
      Quest Requirement: Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons.
      Rewards: Artifact Power and one loot box containing a piece of gear from Normal difficulty Ny'alotha, the Waking City.
      While Timewalking is active, you will gain a 50% bonus to reputations earned from quests and creature kills for all reputations associated with the corresponding expansion.
      The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.
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      We've already seen the race/class combo fan-made armor sets and were amazed, and now it's time for some raid themed ones! Well, not only raid-themed, but certainly raid-inspired, as Sercan Özyurt was pretty unhappy how the Ny'alotha sets turned out and took it upon himself to craft some unique class-based Old God themed sets instead. The results were very impressive to say the least, and we have Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Druids, Hunters, Paladins, Priests, Rogues, Shamans and Warlocks to take a look at! The various color versions are made for each raid difficulty as well.

      We've arranged them by our personal preference in looks, but they're all pretty damn great and we can only imagine what they'd look like when animated:

      Based on Obsidian Destroyer, Maut boss model and some ramkahen culture.

      Based on Nylotha environment assests.

      Based on Il'gynoth creature visuals (BFA and LEGION both).

      Based on Nraqi Creatures.

      You can check out more detailed versions of each armor version over on Secan's Artstation page, as well as many other WoW concepts, including a whole lot of mounts, weapon skins and more.

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      Blizzard added Sapphiron to the game in the latest Shadowlands Beta Build, and the model suggests the undead dragon we previously met in Naxrammas may play a part in the Maldraxxus questline along with Kel'Thuzad.
      Blizzard added Sapphiron in the latest Shadowlands Beta build, so we may hear about the dragon and his master again and find out more about their afterlife.

      Kel'Thuzad also received a brand new model in Shadowlands, but we have not yet seen him on the Beta. Maldraxxus is the home of necromancy, so it would make sense to see both in the zone as part of a max-level questline, what do you think?

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      As with the US, the EU will also get a special extended maintenance for 18 servers, as lower population ones are joined with more servers and the battlegroups expand. It's going to be a bit of an annoying maintenance, as it starts at 9 PM CEST on Thursday, with the timeframe being more problematic than the US one, so don't plan anything until the next morning if you're on one of the affected servers.
      August 13 (source)
      There will be a special maintenance for the realms below on 13 August, from 9:00 p.m. CEST to 5:00 a.m.
      Azshara and Krag’jin will join Baelgun and Lothar.
      Tichondrius and Lordaeron will join Blackmoore.
      Frostmane will join Grim Batol and Aggra.
      Nethersturm and Alexstrasza will join Madmortem and Proudmoore.
      Al’Akir, Skullcrusher, and Xavius will join Burning Legion
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