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Need help Resto shaman :)

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So right now im sitting between a choice that i dont really know what to do with


Amun-Thoth, Sul's Spiritrending Talons

Purehearted Cricket Cage


im usinge theese two atm but i recently gotten my hands on


Drakebinder Greatstaff


my qustion here is what would be the best to use? using a staff or a one hander and off-hand? im a bit confused as to what would be best to use?


thanks in advance :)





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The Intellect and Spell Power gain from the 2h is far superior to the secondaries, so go for the staff every time! Primary stats contribute a lot more to your healing than secondaries.


Keep the OH though, so if you get something like Kardris' Scepter you can use that instead. This gives you roughly the same Intellect and Spell Power, but more reforging options and more gem slots, as well as the OH enchant. It also means that if you run across a shield you can use that on fights with Physical damage.


Does that solve your problem?

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You're absolutely welcome. Lucky for you my evening is being spent at the computer furiously procrastinating! ^__^

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