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Hello all, I'm new to the forums.  I have some questions about Prot pally.  I am receiving conflicting information about what gear to use and which gems to use.  I have read what this site recommends and I also use the Dugi questing Essential (which has something called gear advisor) and PAWN addon and I see that they conflicting information.  Dugi claims to use algorithms similar to Mr. Robot and I have heard that PAWN is also very good with gear/gem recommendations.  I have been told to gem mastery, then something else tells me to gem for crit, then something else tells me to gem for haste.  I have no idea which one to follow because none of them seem to be consistent with one another.  So which path should I follow?  Should I gem for something until I hit a certain percentage then focus on something else?

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Pawn uses Mr. Robots stat weights. Unfortunately, they seem to be completely off for pretty much all classes and specs, so I would highly recommend going against the default weights in Pawn.

For Prot, you can pretty much never have enough haste (at least not at this point of the expansion). So if it comes to buffs and gems, go haste.

Apart from that, the secondary stats are all close enough that Strength (and therefore itemlevel) becomes the deciding factor. If you have to choose between two items of the same level with different stats, you use the priority list that can be found in most guides:

haste > mastery=versatility > crit

It's hard to put these into simple nummerics, since the exact weights can change on a fight to fight basis.

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In general, Haste is a great stat all the time, but Mastery is mechanically more valuable in 5 mans. The increased DR from standing in your Consecration applies to all forms of damage, and you are more likely in dungeons to be subjected to a big hit that is not a boss melee.

Haste is mainly useful for improving your SOTR uptime; if the boss is beating on you incessantly like Patchwerk, that's what you want. If he is frequently pausing to cast abilities, as they usually do in dungeons, you don't need the SOTR buff during the cast because you're not taking melee damage. So you don't need 100% uptime as long as you are using the boss' script to your advantage.

The scaling of all the secondary stats is quite close, however they do apply better to different situations.

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