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Bfa's trinket balance

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to ask how is it possible to have so much balancing problems regarding trinkets at the start of this xpac. I don't know if it's like this for every xpac that comes out, but i always wonder how some trinket can be so ridiculously undertuned, while in theory there was a full PTR beta + Blizzard's internal testing (given it even exists) to tune them.

For example, i'm a tank, and I don't understand how is it possible for the tank DMD to have been so undertuned at the start.


EDIT: I am not saying here every trinket should provide the same dps across all classes or types of dps, this is impossible, but I don't get how some trinkets can be utter garbage compared to others.

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Well, tuning trinkets seems to be a really "bitching" work 😄 . No seriously, it is very difficult. As you have seen in Legion, some trinkets were mandatory for certain classes/speccs (remember Convergence of FatesConvergence of Fates). As a tank, this trinkets usually don't feel so heavy untuned in term of survivability, i usually do not note any big differences between trinkets (evtl. my healers do 🙂 ).

Concerning your question of Darkmoon Deck: BlockadesDarkmoon Deck: Blockades - I really don't know. After the buff (i even didn't find any official fixnotes!) it's much better than before, it was really hard undertuned. If you're really interested, you can try to ask it at next developer Q&A - it's an interesting question how they do it and if it just was an error.


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