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Need help deciding between Paladin and DK as a long term main.

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Hello guys, first time posting here so I apologize upfront if I break some of the rules. 

I spent the last months deciding whether to main 

paladin - as main spec retribution and offspec protection or a death knight - main uh/frost and tanking on the side - and now 2 weeks into BFA I still haven’t decided.

Because of my work I hardly have time these days for mythic raiding so pushing mythic plus will be my main goal.

My main fear with retribution is that is the only dps spec on the paladin and being not viable pretty much gets me stuck with being protetction which doesn’t really make me happy, while the DK still has 2 dps specs.

What’s your opinion on the both classes compared dps-wise in m+, their viability on pushing decent keys and how these classes perform historically compared to each other and what would you suggest? 
Thanks for the feedback. 
Cheers!  🙂

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