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Class overwiev - What's best? What's worst? How will it change?

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Hello there,

I know there are lots of complainment threads in the forums, especially in the ones specific for each class. However, I'd like to hear your opinion on class overview - which classes seem to be too strong and are expexted to be nerfed, which are too weak and should be buffed? Which class seem to be the toughest to play right now, and how do you expect it to change once fixes are brought and m+ launches?

Myself - I think warlock is expected to receive a nice buff for PvE content, perhaps moving some of the skills from talents to baseline, as well as buffing CDs and shards consumption. I belive once m+ starts and we gear up on raids, along with slight fixes, we might be reaching top dps. Unfortunately, unless they bring us more mobility (delete health consumption from burning rush and give it aduration?) I dont think we will have an easy life in a world pvp expansion.

Nerfs - warrior. I think they are currently top class, in every content. A lot of mobility, utility, sustain, bot aoe and ST damage.

What are your thoughts?

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