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Honest Trailers: Battle for Azeroth

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Honest Trailers has taken WoW in their sights (again), this time applying their formula on the latest expansion, while also covering WoW's history (including fighting demons in space hell). While it's not really funny funny, it summarizes WoW activities well enough, but someone should really tell the epic voice guy it's called Mythic and Varian isn't the city of a thousand planets.

And here's the original Honest Trailer for WoW:

And just for good measure, here's the one for the Warcraft movie:

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''Althe way to level 60.I mean 70,okay 80. 90 ?. a 100 , how the fudge am i supposed to do that? *Kaching* level boost to 90*  Oh there you go, never mind.  ''That killed,haha ^^

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    • By Starym
      We have an incoming hotfix for the Infinite Stars trait, with a significant nerf to its damage at all corruption levels, as well as some more issues with the revamped Auction House.
      Corruption Effect (source)
      We’re working on a hotfix that will adjust the Infinite Stars Corruption Effect:
      Corruption Effects
      Infinite Stars damage at all Corruption levels has been reduced by 25%. This hotfix should go live in the next few hours, and will appear in our next hotfixes update tomorrow.
      Auction House Issues (source)
      Here are some additional issues that we have identified and are actively investigating:
      When items are returned in the mail from the Auction House, it can incorrectly contain more stacks than the displayed maximum of 16. This makes it look like some items are not being delivered. You will know if you are experiencing this if a mail appears empty but can’t be deleted. To retrieve the missing items in this scenario, take out all 16 of the displayed stacks, then close and reopen the mailbox to see the rest (you may need to repeat this several times). If a character buys commodities in high quantities, they may not be able to access their mail. The favorites list is not saving properly. We have resolved some of the issues causing the “Internal Auction Error” to pop up, but it is still occurring and we are continuing to look into it.
    • By Starym
      We'll once again have two competing Mythic raid race events in the new patch, as we've already heard about Method's, but now we also found out Limit (who were also recently added to the Complexity esports org) will be hosting their own!
      A raid ago, in the Eternal Paalce, we saw Red Bull going up against Method's event, with the two having split ways after previously working together on two events (Uldir and Dazar'alor), and Limit were among the guilds headlining the Red Bull event. With the larger org to back Limit up they've now decided to take Method's route and go it alone, with several guilds also joining them, namely Pieces, Big Dumb Guild, Fat Shark Yes, and Club Camel, with the live broadcast for the event held at Complexity’s GameStop Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. 
      The real winners here are the viewers following the race for World First, with the Eternal Palace having been an amazing experience with so many different perspectives to check out and some great commentators on both sides, driving viewership of the race through the roof (with over 200,000 concurrent twitch viewers at one point). It also seems the split in the events here is EU vs. US, which seems fitting as that's always been a division in the raid race - and a pretty intense one at that.
      When it comes to the race itself, this one's going to be pretty damn awesome, as Eternal Palace was one of the best races in WoW history, with Limit getting extremely close to toppling Method, after they basically threw away a win back in Uldir over one wrong non-resetting call. With 12 bosses the final raid/race of the expansion should last a bit longer than usual, which also makes the Asia server guilds a competitor, despite their 2 day-disadvantage over US and 1 over EU, so we might see an even crazyer race - and we get to watch it all live! As always we'll also be covering the race with daily summaries of the action, in case you prefer to catch up with the events instead of follow them live.

      World First race related articles
      Method's Race to World First: Ny'alotha Announced
      The Raid History World First Timeline
      The Eternal Palace Mythic Race Summaries Hub
      Method Down Queen Azshara Mythic World First + Video, Raid Comp
      Mythic Jaina World First by Method!
      Ragnaros Classic Down World First by APES
      Method and the Future of the World First Race Coverage
      Red Bull Announce Their Own Eternal Palace Race Event
      Method to Livestream Uldir Mythic Progress for First Time in History
    • By Starym
      Earlier today a large number of players were suspended for farming the Black Empire Coffer in Assaults (which drop 500 Coalescing Visions) multiple times. The suspensions reportedly ranged from 1 to 8 days (with the length either depending on the amount farmed or on earlier suspensions, it's unclear at the moment), meaning many players were going to be locked out of the early 8.3 content, for some including the raid release next week.
      Luckily for everyone involved, Blizzard have now explained that they were wrong to suspend these accounts, as their initial suspicion of exploiting from these players were incorrect - it was possible to farm the chests without doing any exploitative behavior. Meanwhile the issue allowing for the multiple use of the Coffer has been stealth-fixed (which was also an issue since people didn't notice anything about it in the hotfix notes and thus assumed it was ok to do), and the suspensions have been lifted! 
      You can also read up on the 8.3 Assaults for more details in our overview here.
      Suspensions (source)
      We’ve removed the suspensions that were issued for repeatedly looting the Black Empire Coffer.
      We hotfixed the underlying issue earlier this week. Our initial analysis suggested that there was exploitative behavior here: a series of actions that needed to be taken outside of typical gameplay in order to gain advantage. However, further investigation revealed this was not always the case. This chest could reset under innocuous or even accidental conditions.
    • By Stan
      Here are the official update notes for Battle for Azeroth Season 4. Item level of rewards from dungeons will be increased by 30, Ny'alotha, the Waking City opens, players will be able to queue for the Darkshore Warfront on Heroic difficulty, new world bosses will become available along with Profession items that will drop from N'Zoth's servants, and more.
      Blizzard (Source)
       Table of Contents
      Dungeon and Raid Updates Items and Rewards Mythic Keystone Dungeon Updates Player versus Player Updates World Bosses New Heroic Warfront: Darkshore Dungeon and Raid Updates
      New Raid: Ny’alotha, the Waking City
      Delve into where nightmares dwell in Ny’alotha, the Waking City, a 12-boss raid set in the Void-shrouded heart of the ancient Black Empire. Confront mad heralds and inscrutable horrors, and ultimately go eye-to-eyes with N’Zoth himself in a fateful battle for Azeroth’s survival.
      Ny’alotha, the Waking City Normal and Heroic difficulties are now live, while the first wing of Raid Finder (minimum item level: 410)—Vision of Destiny—and Mythic will open next week on January 28.
      Learn more about the raid and Raid Finder schedule here.
      New Mythic Dungeon Affix: Awakened
      Season 4 has a new affix—Awakened. While the Awakened affix is active, players will discover four obelisks throughout the dungeon, which will pull players through the veil to the shadowy world of Ny’alotha. There, players will confront a powerful lieutenant of N’Zoth and its minions which they must defeat or the lieutenant will join forces with the final boss in the instance. Once taken down, the party will be returned to their regular reality in the location they’re currently standing in. This will enable some interesting skips that don’t involve the use of Rogues’ Shroud of Concealment or invisibility.
      Blood of the Corruptor (Defiled Spire of Ny’alotha): When facing this aberration, vile ooze will rot the earth beneath two heroes’ feet, dealing 60,000 damage a second. Samh’rek, Beckoner of Chaos (Entropic Spire of Ny’alotha): Living up to its title, Samh’rek will sow destruction target three players with Cascading Terror—a powerful debuff that targets three players and fears all heroes standing beside them for a few seconds. Urg’roth, Breaker of Heroes (Brutal Spire of Ny’alotha): Few can withstand the vicious fury of Urg’oth who shatters players with Spirit Breaker, increasing damage taken by a target substantially for a moderate amount of time and deals devastating damage to players who stand in Dark Fury. Voidweaver Mal’thir (Cursed Spire of Ny’alotha): This powerful enemy withers champions’ minds and bodies to slow to a crawl with its Crippling Pestilence and Lingering Doubt spells, which deal a large amount of damage and reduce movement and casting speed. Mechagon – Junkyard and Mechagon – Workshop
      Operation: Mechagon enters the Mythic Keystone dungeon rotation this season as two new instances—the Junkyard and the Workshop. Each of these instances has four bosses which have been tuned for Season 4 progression.
      Items and Rewards
      New: Corrupted Items
      With the release of Season 4, you’ll be able to earn more gear tainted with Corruption from a variety of new sources including Mythic Keystone dungeons, PvP activities, and Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid. Cursed by N’Zoth, corrupted items offer truly exceptional power—for a price. As you don more corrupted gear, you’ll find your spells will do more damage, or your heals will be more potent—but the Corruption will begin to affect you in increasingly perilous ways. At low Corruption levels, you may be slowed periodically when taking damage—while at higher corruption levels, evil forces from the Void may come for you at any moment.
      Learn more about Corrupted Items here.
      New Essence: The Formless Void
      Now available to earn in Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid, this Essence provides new powers and a unique passive that provides some Corruption Resistance.
      Mythic Keystone Dungeon Rewards
      Many new powerful gear rewards are now available to earn in Season 4.
      Item levels of rewards from level 120 Normal, Heroic, and Mythic dungeons have been increased by 30. Baseline rewards are now item-level 400 from Normal, 415 from Heroic, and 430 from non-Keystone Mythic dungeons. Mythic Keystone rewards for Season 4 have been increased by 30 item levels. Mythic Keystone dungeons at +7 or higher difficulty now award end-of-run items that scale up to item level 465 at Mythic +15 difficulty. Item level improvements for weekly rewards now extend to Mythic +15 difficulty, which awards an item level 475 piece of gear in the weekly chest. Cloaks do not drop in Season 4 weekly caches or in the Darkshore Heroic Warfront. Any items not updated for Season 4 (for example, items from The Eternal Palace or Heroic-difficulty Darkshore Warfront) can continue to Warforge and Titanforge up to item level 455, but cannot be Corrupted. Starting in Season 4, Mythic Keystone dungeons have a chance to drop more than 2 items at +16 difficulty or higher (was +11 difficulty). Titan Residuum
      Spend your hard-earned Titan Residuum on new item-level 460 and 475 Azerite armor pieces and tokens. Costs for previously available Azerite pieces have been reduced.
      Profession Items
      Several new profession items and recipes are now available to loot from the servants of N’Zoth. Mythic Keystone Dungeon Updates
      Enemy health and damage in Heroic dungeons increased by 25%. Health and damage of enemies in non-Keystone Mythic dungeons increased by 45%; Normal dungeons are unchanged. Mythic Keystones have been reduced by an additional 4 levels, to account for this difficulty increase. The enemy health and damage bonuses in Mythic Keystone dungeons now increase by 10% per difficulty level (up from 8%). Player versus Player
      Welcome to Season 4: Corrupted
      Season 4 spins a web of new player-versus-player content including the visually updated and redesigned Deepwind Gorge. Inspired by Arathi Basin, the new Deepwind Gorge has five capture points for teams to battle over. Maintaining control over the Market, Farm, Ruins, Shrine, and Quarry will be key to securing victory as the first faction to reach 1,500 points wins!
      Participants can earn two new faction-themed Vicious mounts, and the highest-rated players will unlock new Notorious Gladiator mounts.
      Player versus Player Reward Updates
      Item levels of rewards earned from War Chests from all PvP tiers (Unranked, Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, and Gladiator) increased by 30. Item levels of end-of-match rewards for all PvP tiers increased by 30. New Brawl: Teeming Islands
      This large-scale battle Brawl brings an additional challenge to the shores of PvP Island Expeditions by increasing the total amount of players from six to 20 on the biggest Islands (Havenswood and Jorundall).
      When the Brawl is active, players can join the fight by opening up Group Finder (default hotkey: i), selecting it from the Player vs. Player tab, and queueing up.
      World Bosses
      While many of the greatest threats to peace in Azeroth are locked away in ancient vaults or perched atop soaring fortresses, others walk brazenly beneath the open sky in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
      Grand Empress Shek’zara: Grand Empress Shek’zara uses her powerful voice and Zara’thik Swarmguard to overwhelm enemies. Ulmath, the Soulbinder: A powerful Merciless One with ultimate control of two minions, Moon Priestess Liara and Guardian Tannin. Vuk’laz the Earthbreaker: This living weapon of war attempts to overcome its enemies with devasting physical attacks. As the battle rages Vuk’laz summons scarabs to its aid from beneath the Writhing Sands. New Heroic Warfront: Darkshore
      Battle for Darkshore
      In Season 4, you’ll be able to play the Heroic version of the Darkshore Warfront. Just like Heroic Stromgarde, you’ll need to coordinate with a premade group of 10 to 20 players to win against the relentless forces of the enemy. Victorious players can earn item level 460 gear rewards.
      Interact with the War Table in Boralus or in the Port of Zuldazar with your raid group to join the fight. Note that the option to queue for Heroic Battle of Darkshore will become available when the next time a certain faction commences an assault on Darkshore in a given region. Regions that are already partway through a Battle of Darkshore attack cycle will be able to access Heroic difficulty the next time Darkshore comes under attack in Season 4.
      To view all content update notes, click here.
      For World of Warcraft customer support, please visit our Support Site or our Customer Support discussion forum. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know about it in our Bug Report Forum. There, you’ll find our updated 8.3 Known Issues List, as well as other resources.
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      What's coming in the Visions of N'Zoth content update next week?
    • By Stan
      If you purchase 6 months of game time before February 23, you will receive Squeakers, the Trickster mount in World of Warcraft for free. Alternatively, the mount can be purchased for $25 USD in the Blizzard Shop.
      If you are currently on a  six-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date, you will receive the mount at no additional charge before January 28, 2020.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Introducing the brand-new Squeakers, the Trickster* mount—now available to add to your collection! This clever new addition can be purchased in-game or from the Blizzard Shop; you can also get it free for a limited time** when you purchase a 6 Month subscription to World of Warcraft.  
      It’s not quite certain where Squeakers found his incredible wings of jade. Perhaps he outwitted the Jade Serpent herself. Now Azeroth’s first flying rat is ready to set out and spread mischief wherever he goes!
      Once you’ve purchased the 6 Month subscription from the Blizzard Shop, the Squeakers, the Trickster mount will be automatically added to your in-game collection. Welcome this mischievous addition to your assortment of mounts!
      Players on an existing 6-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date will receive the Squeakers, the Trickster mount at no additional charge, no later than January 28, 2020.
      Purchase 6 Months Now
      Take the mischievously clever Squeakers, the Trickster with you everywhere you go when you purchase in-game or from the Blizzard Shop today!
      Purchase Now
      *Mount not available in World of Warcraft® Classic.
      **Subscription & mount bundle offer valid through February 23, 2020. The Squeakers, the Trickster mount will remain available for purchase after offer expires.
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