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Frost Mage in desperate need of help. Poor Dps Alert

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Hi all,

Please can you help me?

I have been back playing WoW for about 2 months now and I am seeing mages with similar gear doing 120k+ dps and I reach about 70-80k depending on group buffs.




I start by blowing cool downs: PoM, trinkets, mirror image etc.

  • Frost bomb
  • Frozen orb as soon as it’s off cool down
  • Frostbolt as filler
  • Ice Lance on procc
  • FFB on procc

Rinse and repeat


Is there something I’m missing?????


I have read the level 90 guide on here but I’m still useless!!!


I would appreciate any constructive criticism that you pro’s have.

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Well, first off, never use Frostbomb in a single target fight, Living bomb does more dps. Even in cleavefights Living bomb or Nether Tempest does better. Only in big aoe fight will frost bomb pull ahead, like galakras.


Also, never use Rune of Power as frost, its really bad when u have to move. Use Invocation instead and keep the buff up.


Also, i dont get why u reforge away crit instead of hit when ur allredy 3,5 % over hitcap.


Try fixing that and improve on ur muscle memory to react better to procs and such, and as allways ABC(Allways be casting)


If it dosnt help you, try log ur fight and link it and i'll see if u do something wrong.

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Start by changing up your talents:


-Use invocation, not Rune of Power

-Use Blazing Speed, not PoM

-Use Living Bomb or Nether Tempest instead of Frost Bomb

-Use Glyph of Icy Veins instead of Water Elemental



Also you're 784 over the hit cap, that's a lot of waste. Given that you're at 6675 haste, you could really use more.

Your log says you obtained Chronomancer Gloves, but you don't have them on. 2pc is a huge buff, I suggest equipping that asap.

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I want to go into something beyond the obvious (talents, glyphs, gems, etc), because I don't want you to have the impression that the only reason your dps is low is because of your glyphs/gems/talents/etc.    


The frost rotation is almost embarrassingly easy, so what separates the good from the bad is how we act in situational encounters.  Are we using ice floes/blazing speed optimally?  Are we using blink optimally?  Are we using mirror image optimally?  Are we using our water elemental's freeze optimally?  By optimally, I mean using it in a way that provides for the most dps while also obeying the mechanics of the fight. You will be annoyed with how much I use this word by the end of this post, because it's the keystone to being a good player at this game.


My best advice for you, coming from someone who has competed in high-end/race for world-first raiding, is to practice.  Take the information from the Icy Veins guide and implement it, but after that you just need to practice.  How do you think that Method got the world first Garrosh kill on their (300th-or-whatever-godawfully-high-number) try?  Luck? No.  They got it because with each encounter, with every wipe that they had, each player was able to practice and learn quickly how to optimally use their abilities: by the time they got the kill, every player was doing the same exact thing, using the same exact abilities, moving the same exact place, every single time.  They each individually learned how to 100% maximize and optimize their character for the encounter.  If you watch a high-end guild do progression attempts on a boss, you will notice this pattern.  They all begin basically with their thumbs up their asses, with no knowledge of how to optimally use their character for the encounter.  In these beginning attempts, each player makes big changes to their play-style to see what works best.  Similar to an exponential curve on a graph, these changes get smaller and smaller until eventually they are doing the same thing every single time.  Each individual player in the raid, with much practice, was able to 100% optimize their character's abilities for that particular encounter.  


A good place to start is the "Tips and Tricks" thread for the bosses in SoO (there is a thread for every class).  These threads are prime examples of what I have just talked about; they explain how to optimize your abilities for each fight!


Even though after reading this you probably never want to hear this word again....always remember that word: optimally.  It's all about executing your abilities in an optimal way. That is the key to being good at any class in this game.  There are general rules for each class, but real skill comes from doing an encounter over and over again until you learn how to.......you guessed it......OPTIMIZE! I only play WoW casually now, and have a 523 item level on my mage, yet I'm constantly competing (if not beating) people with 540+ item levels, can you guess why?  Because I know how to optimally use my character's abilities for each encounter! 


So go out with some motivation and wipe on the bosses in SoO until you want to cry, because in doing so you will find the key to being a good player in this game: optimization. 

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