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Help choosing my DPS main for Mythic+ dungeons

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So here I'm again with level 110 characters and I want to decide what should I focus the most for Mythic+ dungeons.

I like melee specs more, but can be caster as well.
I like the option to heal but it's not necessary.
I don't like RNG based classes/specs like Outlaw rogue... (Roll of the Bones)
I like classes that are rewarding if I can excel doing my rotation.

I hope someone can suggest a good class that would suit me 🙂

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Well first of all u Need to be thinking about what ur aim is with m+.
Do u want just to gear up and have a bit of fun or do u want to go competitive?

If ur choice is competitive then u have to first of all think about the pros and cons from each spec.
For meeles I could recommend u the Sub rogue, DH, arms or the Monk.

For ranges I would say to go with the Frost mages since u have insane aoe potential and a lot of cc to help ur Group with (+heroism and buff). Other classes like warlocks and boomkins lack a bit of that great Utility but offer other aspects.

If ur choice is not oriented about being competitive and just to have some fun and gear up as high as possible then u could basicly run for (almost) anything.


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