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Method to Livestream Uldir Mythic Progress Race in its Entirety

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Some huge and unprecedented news coming out of the Mythic World First race department, as the current No.1 guild in the world, Method, have just announced that they'll be livestreaming their entire progress through Uldir.

Most of Method's raiders will be streaming so there will be plenty of PoVs, and the main channel will be flipping though them so you can get up-to-the -minute updates on Method's progress. There's also a special live event at London's Red Bull Gaming Sphere, featuring Sco,  Method's GM, as well as many more raiders. They'll also be commenting the race launch itself as they follow the first clear, with Rich Campbell, Alan "Hotted" Widmann and Robbin "Cayna" Wuite at the mic.

While some Asian and US guilds have streamed progress before, it's unprecedented for a No.1 guild to show off all their tactics, even for the endboss itself. With Uldir potentially being an easy entry raid to BfA, this might just be a testing ground for the future, but if it continues to the next raid it will change the progress race completely, potentially giving US guilds an upper hand, due to their 1 day advantage.

If you want to check all this out, Method also have a list of all the streamers that will be taking part in the event. Also, in case you missed it, Uldir Mythic opens next week on Tuesday, September 11.

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