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Denomic Project - Warlock card missing

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To whom it may concern

1. Similar to my previous post, I found another card from the latest expansion (The Boomsday Project) that seem to be missing from the Hearthstone Warlock cards list. I tried switching between standard & Wild cards and I tried to search for the card in the search function. It was also unavailable from the search results. The card I was looking for was spell Demonic Project.

Hopefully I can help to iron out some bugs. I there not possibly some database error or something? Because I've come across quite a few lately since Blizzard began pushing content more rapidly... Anyway I hope its helpful to you guys.

Kind Regards

A Community fan


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the cards that are missing from the lists are those that do not have a guide written for them yet. As decks have a higher priority, the card guides will have to wait until we have most of the currently popular decks on the site. Sorry to keep you waiting!

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Hi Positiv2

I understand, thank you for the feedback. I'm just  wondering...

Should I keep reporting these cards of the latest expansion or other cards from older expansions?

I mean, would it be useful to you guys or would you rather prefer to keep track of these things somewhere else?

I don't mind reporting these issues, as I stumble upon them, if it serves a useful purpose.

But if its more of a case that I'm annoying you guys, by complaining (more like trying to help off course) about things your already aware off, I would prefer to avoid it all together. 

Thank you  :-)


Kind Regards

a Community fan

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currently the system we have in place that reports missing card guides, so you don't need to strain yourself searching for those. However, I was not aware that they are missing completely from the list, as opposed to being there and linking to hearthpwn instead, so thank you for pointing this issue out! If you happen to spot a missing card description from expansions released before The Boomsday Project, reporting those would help a lot, as none of those should be missing at the moment. Any other reports are very appreciated as well.

Due to the launch of a new WoW expansion, it might take longer than usual to fix these issues, as the dev time is limited, but we add them to our to-do list and fix them at a later date.

Thank you very much again!

(in case you were wondering, here is the full list of known missing cards)


Autodefense Matrix
Kangor's Endless Army
Dead Ringer
Reckless Experimenter
Faithful Lumi
Omega Agent
Lab Recruiter
Weaponized Piñata
Demonic Project
Unexpected Results
Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
Omega Medic
Celestial Emissary
Cloning Device
Giggling Inventor
Zerek's Cloning Gallery
Subject 9
Test Subject
Extra Arms
Bomb Toss
Secret Plan
Astral Rift
Research Project
Flark's Boom-Zooka
Violet Haze
Unpowered Mauler
Topsy Turvy
Steel Rager
Spring Rocket
Spark Engine
Spark Drill
Rusty Recycler
Rocket Boots
Piloted Reaper
Microtech Controller
Loose Specimen
Kaboom Bot
Goblin Prank
Glowstone Technician
Elementary Reaction
Damaged Stegotron
Crazed Chemist
Cloakscale Chemist
Bull Dozer
Beakered Lightning


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