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My name is Muddypuddy and I'm a button masher

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No, seriously....I'm having trouble with my rotation and I've been looking at Icy Vein for help and it has helped but my concern is raid/mythic consistency. I've been told at points that for my gear ilvl I'm doing little dps now to my defense I had some blue pieces (my head only being the only piece left) but I considering I have some Uldir Normal and Heroic pieces not to mention some Mythic+ pieces I should be up there in dps on a consistent level. I really need to get my single target rotation down but I'm all about it being straight forward. Most guides I've read give a general synopsis of rotation but I'm about the following:


"On bosses start off hitting FB (Frost Bolt), FB, FB, Glacial Spike" etc


But on some guides it's usually different. I'm just a straight up type of guy in that are there any rotation guides where it tells you to cast this spell so many times until this procs then cast this after proc etc. I am haviong trouble because it seems I'm really mashing buttons.


Below is my character and my talents I specc'd in to:



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I can understand your Problem. What helped me back than when i start with Firemage and Frostmage is using my UI as a rotation plan. In case of Frostmage it is easy. You have 3 main spells. So you add those 3 on the first 3 keys on your bar. Simple right? Okay everybody did that already so now you sort them in the following of your rotation means as a frostmage you set ice lance as 1 flurry as 2 and frostbolt as 3, in that way you just have to follow with your eyes from 1-3 everytime before you cast. If something has the golden ring you cast it if not you press 3. This is really just the core concept. To get maximum dps you clearly have to go deeper. But first things first. Your rotation has to go into your mind. As we say here if i wake you up at 2 in the night you have to say me your rotation or in this case your reaction to the rotation out of your mind. After this you can go to optimizing.

Before somebody complains. No this way is not for everybody but it can help if he just have a problem with button smashing. 

If you want to go more deep into the specc you should add Icy vein, frozen orb and blizzard close to your 1-3 too but atleast for me i dont put them between my main rotation so i dont get confused with a long cooldown being in there. 

The other option you have even im not sure it fits you is using an addon like tell me when or weak auras which can show you with a clearly visible big sign what you have to press now but i would try the first one before so you dont have to install addons which you normaly dont need.

Oh and a last tipp because you are button smashing anyway. Dont overload yourself mit too much Spells. The frostbuild is possible with just one active skill in the talent table (shimmering). thats maybe not 100% dps optimal but it helps you in reducing your options.

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