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Fury DPS issue

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Hi all,

For now a few years I always check the Icy Veins guides whenever I start playing a new classe. They are really great and I thank the people contributing to it ?

Despite following it, I'm having a low dps comparing to other damage dealers with same ilevel. Ok I focused more on multi target than single target but I'm still around 7k in mythic and m+.

Here's my armory link :


Regarding the rotation, I use:

Rampage when available

Execution when available

Bloodthirst as a filler

Raging blow as a filler

Recklessness when available

For multi target this increments to the latter:

Always keep the Whirlwind buff up

Siegebreaker when available

Bladestorm when available


By the way I use the Chesder TMW profile which corresponds to this rotation up here.


Does anyone can help me on this ? I suppose that my problem is that I "rush" the abilities instead of using them at the appropriate moment lol, but that's how a fury should be no ? ;-D

Thanks a lot for your help !




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Personally I'd say you'd want to focus more on haste with your stats. It'll smooth out the rotation a lot. I've been using Frothing Berserker myself due to me using Bladestorm along with siege breaker.
I basically have the same rotation as you, though if I notice Siegebreaker coming off cooldown soon, along with bladestorm, I pool a bit of rage, so that I can Siegebreaker -> Rampage -> Bladestorm (even for single target)

It allows for very big bursts of dmg. Also, do not Execute when it is up, make sure you have enrage up before it, even if you have to delay it a little (if not during the execution phase of a boss) making sure you get the most out of sudden death is a big dmg increase from my experiences with Fury warr so far.

Dont forget that you cannot have downtime in your rotation, because if you do, you haven't used whirlwind. Whirlwind isn't an AoE exclusive skill. It's a nice gap filler for if Raging blow and Bloodthirst are on cooldown with nothing else to cast at that time.


Above is the link to my armoury. You can see that I focus everything on haste where possible with a bit of mastery to top it off. (Trinkets still need a lot of work and haven't been able to afford all the enchants yet)

Also about fury having low dps.... I know the feeling. We are more bursty fighters than anything compared to some other classes.

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