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I just wanted to ask.. if there is anyone using AZ3-R1-T3 Synthetic Specs (Engineering goggles).

I'm deciding between traits for first circle.. they actually seem quite fun and I would love to see them in action but.. I cannot find any showcase for them on youtube. I was thinking about Barrage / Relational Normalization.

  • inv_misc_blackironbomb.gifBarrage Of Many Bombs: Your spells and abilities have a chance to fire a bomb at your target, which when in proximity breaks into 5 smaller bombs. Upon hitting the ground, each smaller bomb deals damage to all nearby enemies.
  • inv_misc_sawblade_01.gifRicocheting Inflatable Pyrosaw: Your spells and abilities have a chance to hurl a R.I.P that bounces among 4 enemies, dealing Fire damage to each. Beneficial spells have a chance to hurl a Mechanized External Needle Dispenser, healing up to 4 allies.
  • inv_misc_enggizmos_15.gifRelational Normalization Gizmo: Your spells and abilities have a chance to grow or shrink the world. Shrinking the world grants you primary stat and maximum health for 10 sec. Growing the world grants you Haste and 50% movement speed for 10 sec.
  • spell_winston_zap.gifSynaptic Spark Capacitor: Your spells and abilities have a chance to cause the target to become a Spark Coil for 10 sec. Enemies within 8 yards of the Spark Coil take damage every 2 seconds and deal 5% reduced damage to you.
For second circle there is Heed My Call (aoe nature dmg with splash) and Unstable Flames (stacking crit. strike) that sounds usable. But even on mage guides there is HeedMyCall as winning so only thing I'm thinking about is first circle :)

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Websites like Hero Damage and Bloodmallet are running simulations to compare things like the azerith traits on different item levels and even having multiple stacks of a trait.

For Frost with PreRaid gear you can see here that Synaptic Spark CapacitorSynaptic Spark Capacitor is at first place with 327 points for a 340 piece. Close to Relational Normalization GizmoRelational Normalization Gizmo with 309 points.

Keep in mind that those values might change with hotfixes.

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