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frozen orb in opener?

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hey fellow mage friends i have a question about the frostmage opener:

the frostmage guide says in term of the opener:

We advise you to use the following opening sequence (or opener).

  1. Use Potion of Rising Death IconPotion of Rising Death.
  2. Pre-cast Mirror Image IconMirror Image, if talented.
  3. Pre-cast Frostbolt IconFrostbolt at 2 seconds on the countdown.
  4. Activate Icy Veins IconIcy Veins.
  5. Cast Frozen Orb IconFrozen Orb.
  6. Place your Rune of Power IconRune of Power, if talented.
  7. Dump Fingers of Frost IconFingers of Frost charges.
  8. Use large damage cooldown spells, such as Comet Storm IconComet Storm.
  9. Follow your normal priority.


but i have problems understanding why i should use my icy veins and frozen orb together... since they removed the damagebuff for icy veins and its just a haste buff why would i waste it when i have a lot of fingers of frost proccs? isnt it just "stealing" time which i could spent casting frostbolts/glacials? is it for the global reduction? maybe i am wrong but isnt the globalcd max cap at 50%? if we use tw/bl/hero and icy veins we are at 60% already and if i add my 10% haste i will be at 70%... idk... maybe somebody can help me out on this

thanks in advance and best regards

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Frozen Orb will tick more times during its duration with greater haste which means more damage from the orb and more chances to get FOF which is the bulk of your damage in the opener.

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