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Mangoose bite or flanking strike?

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Hello everyone,

I have just finished leveling up my hunter (i rerolled from a lock :/) and I'm struggling with tier 6 talent.

I understand mangoose bite provides bigger damage and, after all, makes the rotation even easier. However, I often find myself running out of focus really quickly, and that extra 30 focus from flanking strike is like a godsend. It is also a nice gapcloser.

So what are your thoughts on that? Have you tried to use both of these talents yet? Which one seems to be better?

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flanking is garbage only because its cool down is too long and it provides no other benefit than focus which you would rather spend that gcd on a kill command.  


Mongoose once you have over 10% haste.    I know you can feel starved but you should have the tallent that gives you 2 stacks of KC.   you should be able to make it to your third MB then be able to do 2 or even 3 KC and finish out getting 4th and 5th  MB   its a numbers game. You will learn based on how much haste or attack speed procs just what you can get away with.  the goal is to have as many 5 stack hits as possible.   the rotation changes a lot depending on traits you are using and tallents



MB(until out of focus usually 3) 

KC OR SS  (this is where your choices on gear/talents come into play and can change up a lot) do this enough to finish out your MB  buff

MB (until the buff is going to go away you can always cancel the buff but its not necessary)

DOWNTIME CYCLE  we dont want to start the MB cycle again until we have full focus  a fresh SS and bombs on cooldown.  Normally you will get some extra procs from KC  in this time


if you have  talents for multiple bombs  you will want to be tossing those out but not in a way that interrupts your MB stacking

if you are using the latent poison AZERITE trait you will want  to make sure you apply  your SS to make sure it is up and stacking the LP  while you are in the downtime cycle  You may also want to SS  other targets  so you can get large LP stacks up on them and  swap to hit them in your second MB cycle. 


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