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Uldir Race Day 6: Method Catch Up, Mythrax Video

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While we've already covered the biggest events of today in an update to the previous summary, we'll just go over them again and add the few other things that happened as well. The big news is that Method caught up to Limit, but it did take them a fair amount of time to do so. Now, the numbers here are a bit iffy, since we'd have to count sleep hours and rest into it, but just as a frame of reference, Limit got Mythrax down 1 day and 8 hours after Zul while it took Method 1 day and 22 hours for the same feat. Now, even if you figure some 8 hours sleep in there for Method, as Mythrax died before Limit went to sleep, that's still a 6 hour quicker kill for the US guild. It really seems Limit is pulling out all the stops on this one and it's down to G'huun to determine who will come out on top. We also got Limit's Mythrax the Unraveler killshot:


The other news of the day is a pretty big comeback from Exorsus, who were hanging out around spots 4-7 during the race, but they kicked it up a notch and got Mythrax World 3rd, EU 2nd! For reference, it took them 1 day and 6 hours to down the boss after their Zul kill, but again, tracking when which guild took their breaks and how long they slept gets a little tricky. But it does seem Method may have been struggling just a little on Mythrax, or perhaps in Uldir in general, but we'll see what happens come the endboss kill.

And here's the stream cut of Method's Mythic Mythrax the Unraveler World 2nd kill:

The number of guilds that got past Zul, Reborn rose to 16, with Honestly, Alpha, FatSharkYes, ScrubBusters, Future, and Aversion, as well as Alpha getting the Asia 3rd. That's 13 guilds now progressing on Mythrax, trying to tie it up with the top 3 and get access to G'huun and the final rankings.

The number of guilds on 5/8 aka the Fetid Devourer fanclub, is the smallest after the top 3, with only 4 members, followed by the 76-strong 4/8, 171-strong 3/8, 643-strong 2/8 and finally, the 1158-strong 1/8 group! The race continues today as we get closer and closer to that second reset, and if G'huun makes it that far, he'll be the first endboss to do so since Cataclysm and Nefarian in Blackwing Descent!

It'll be particularly interesting to follow Method's streams now as they're progressing on the final boss of Mythic Uldir, so head on over there if you're interested.


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Interesting to look at setups. Limit used 5 healer 3 tank and 5 rogue, what is pretty weird again, Method also needed 5 healers, but already can take him down with 2 tanks, Russians did with 4 warlock 3 mage and also 5 healers. I think the most guilds will be have a lot of setup problem at this boss.

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Gotta admit, I'm amazed this raid lasted as long as it did! Still, with the whole Devourer misshap it appears to be a challenging raid after all. 

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4 hours ago, Migol said:

Not sure "length of time lasted" means anything with an admitted "mathmatically unkillable" boss holding things up as it did.

To be fair, it was only unkillable for around a day. Also not sure which length of time lasted you're referring to, as the time mentioned in the article is for the latter bosses only, Fetid isn't a factor in those numbers at all.

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