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should we be using frost nova? the guide says no, but i get more damage from frost nova/ice lance than frost bolt in the same time, i'm pretty sure? so why not use it?


also the guide says i should use ice lance with my pets frost nova so? i'm confused

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Frostbolt has the potential to give you a brain freeze proc, a fingers of frost proc, and it generates an icicle all in the same global cooldown (1). Frost nova into an ice lance is two global cooldowns for essentially is just one fingers of frost proc.

Frostbolt damage + Icicle damage + chance at brain freeze + chance at fingers of frost proc > one empowered ice lance damage.

Water elemental's "Freeze" skill is not tied to your own global cooldown, so you can freely use it without dps loss while your ice lance is in air to guarantee the shatter on the ice lance. If you're running Glacial Spike you can gain a lot of damage by using your water elemental's freeze to shatter the glacial spike.

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bosses are not affected by frost nova, and for trash mobs it's probably better used for CC rather than it's damage capabilities. it also has a very limited range.

your pet's frost nova (called Freeze) is a little different since it can be targeted at a specific area, so you don't need to be up and close to your targets. again, bosses are not affected by this, so it's really only useful for adds or trash.

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also everything jammi just said :)

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