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Resto Healer Stat Weights

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So I'm using the addon "Healer Stat Weights", and did LFR with it on just to test before heroic this week. It is saying leech..... LEECH!? is my best stat.

It gives

Intel 1.00

Crit 0.7

Haste 0.69

Vers 0.63

Mastery 0.47

Leech 1.07


Questions are as follows:

1. wtf?

2. WTF?

3. Could this be correct?

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Yes, that is technically correct. Leech has a very high rating-to-percentage conversion. I think it's something like 40 points for 1%, whereas haste is 68 for 1%. So in terms of pure HPS, Leech is our top stat by a long shot.

Downside of course is that it will only heal yourself, but since it's a tertiary stat it doesn't take away from an item's overall value.

In my opinion, having two or three items (preferably rings and trinkets) with leech on it is more than enough. I wouldn't take too large iLvL downgrades though, even if Pawn tells you it's an "upgrade". Druids already have great self-sustainability, with Ysera's Gift, Guardian Affinity, high mobility etc.

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Yes, leech provides more HPS than the other stats.

It's only on yourself, but as a druid, the fastest you top your hit points, the fastest Ysera's gift can heal someone else ^^

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