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Patch 8.1 Build 27826

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Patch 8.1 is now up on test realms and we have a dump with new achievements, broadcast text, zones, scenarios, and more! This article contains spoilers!


  • A new War Campaign is available in Patch 8.1.
  • Two new raids have been added: Siege of Zuldazar & Crucible of Storms
    • It appears King Rastakhan and Mekkatorque will die in the raid.
  • Two new Islands will be available in 8.1.
  • Communities have been updated with more management tools.
  • Vol'jin's story continues. We datamined some broadcast text of his search for answers. The lines include conversations with Baine, Talanji, Bolvar (The Lich King) and Eyir. Vol'jin does not remember who told him to appoint Sylvanas to Warchief. It wasn't Bwonsamdi and Eyir can't provide answers to his questions either.
  • New scenarions have been added.
  • Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon has been added.
  • Incursions are a new feature similar to Legion Invasions.
  • The Hivemind mount has been added to the game with a new model and animations. More secrets in 8.1?
  • Blizzard also added the Kul Tiran racial mount to the game.
  • A new Darkshore Warfront will be available in 8.1.
  • New Druid forms have been added:
    • Highmountain Tauren Moonkin Form
    • Kul Tiran Moonkin Form
    • Zandalari Aquatic Form


Broadcast Text

  • "Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, once warchief of the Horde... Hear my voice and appear before us."
  • Talanji. Ya voice be a mighty one.
  • "Vol'jin! Is it really you, my old friend?"
  • Baine... ya heart beats strong and true... just like ya fadda. I be glad da demons didn't take ya.
  • Sylvanas led us to victory in the war against the Legion.
  • But since then... she has done much to strain the honor that binds the Horde together.
  • "I must know... when the voice spoke to you, bidding you to name her warchief... what spirit was it?"
  • "Ah, my young friend. Death be... dark. Me memory... not be what it once was."
  • Was it Bwonsamdi? Did he crave the death she would bring?
  • "Da memory, it be denied me by da shadows. Shadows... dat... dat be comin' for ya! Watch out!"
  • I remember dyin'. I remember glimpsin' da Other Side.
  • "I was expectin' ta see ol' Bwonsamdi, or Shadra, or Hir'reek... any of da loa."
  • Dere was a presence. Somethin' movin' in da shadows. Somethin' powerful.
  • "Sometin' not be right dat day. Da demons, deir blades slipped past me guard."
  • "Like dey be doin' now. I cannot hear dem, champion. Da voices of da loa be silent."
  • I been callin' ta Bwonsamdi for a long time. He not be hearin' me... or he been choosin' not ta answer.
  • "I remember it takin' me somewhere, but da memory of where be hidden from me. Ta keep me from sharin' da truth..."
  • "Da truth dat it might not be da loa who wanted Sylvanas to be warchief, but somethin' far more powerful."
  • "Ahhhh, ya come back. Did ya find da spirit of Vol'jin? Or ya here ta make a deal, eh?"
  • "Loa of death, your servant Vol'jin has called to you. Yet you have turned a deaf ear to his pleas."
  • "What? Nonono. Ya be mistaken, Talanji."
  • Speak plainly! Was it you who urged Vol'jin to name Sylvanas warchief?
  • Mind ya tone, bull-mon... or ya be talkin' with ya father soon enough."
  • "Why would me want da Banshee Queen in charge? Nononono. Sure, I be all for war and death, but dat Sylvanas... she be tippin' da scales too far."
  • "Balance be important! Besides, dat one got a nasty habit of keepin' what she kills. No, ya warchief be no friend to ol' Bwonsamdi."
  • Lich King. Da voice I heard as I be dyin'... tellin' me to name Sylvanas warchief... was it yours?
  • The Banshee Queen's schemes threaten the balance. I had no hand in them.
  • And me spirit bein' trapped in dis world... is dat your doin'?
  • Vol'jin... your soul has walked on the Other Side and returned. You have been altered... more than you know.
  • Is it you who be trappin' me soul in dis world? Ta jail me like ya jail da Scourge?
  • You are neither undead nor damned. You do not belong here. Leave this place at once.
  • I do not like de look of dis. I suggest we go... quickly!
  • Leave now or stay forever. The choice is yours.
  • "Minions of the Banshee Queen, leave this place or die."
  • Hold... you DARE bring a priestess of Bwonsamdi into MY halls?
  • "Eyir, speak with me if da others not be to your liking."
  • Hmm. Very well. You and your champion may approach. But know that deception will be met with destruction.
  • "Queen of da Val'kyr. My spirit was sent to da Other Side, den returned. Was dis your doing?
  • "Shadow hunter, you are no longer a mere spirit. What you have become is something beyond my power to forge."
  • Who be havin' such power? Could it be da same one who bid me ta name Sylvanas warchief?
  • You have been touched by the hand of valor. Such a noble force does not scheme for mortal thrones.
  • So whoever whispered to me's not da same as who sent me back?
  • "You have been granted all the knowledge I am willing to share. Leave now, and never return."
  • "Fine, if my troops can't kill you, then I will! For Daelin Proudmoore!"
  • Neferset City will fall!  ATTACK!!!
  • Quick scene of Azerite tank's shield going down and firing on the gang.,Quick scene of Azerite tank's shield going down and firing on the gang.
  • "I gonna need to walk around, be in dis place, kick over some bones. Ya best keep your weapon handy just in case.$b$bLet me know when you be ready."
  • Destroy zhe - Vait... vhat is ZHAT?!
  • PLACEHOLDER scene of Lightforged beacons dropping and troops moving out.
  • "Alright, here we go! We got the fuel, we got the plan, and we got the hands to push the buttons to make it happen!"
  • "We're gonna show Mekkatorque that we ain't so stupid after all. Once his ship's on fire, we'll land on it and send out one of them SOS  things."
  • "He's gonna be flying back, and I bet he'll be all, oh no, I've been outwitted by Gallywix, he destroyed my ship, I better save everyone!"
  • Then when he gets there he'll see us and realize he's been DOUBLE outwitted! HAH!
  • That's the part where you and me blow him up on his burnin' airship. You can't get more dramatic than that!
  • "I'm so excited, all my chins are shakin'! One thing at a time, let's blow up that ship."
  • Ya words be troublin', tho. Step forward, Speaker of da Horde. Maybe dere's a way ta find da answers ya seek."
  • For Kul Tiras!
  • Da Lich King didn't bring me back. Eyir be claimin' she don't got da mojo. Bwonsamdi be as confused as da rest of us. And none of dem were eager ta see Sylvanas in charge.
  • No matter de circumstances, she is leader of de Horde. I will do all I can to ensure dat her rule is a just one."
  • "Zandalar still stands because of your courage, Talanji. Your father was mired in da old ways, dreamin' of a troll empire lost to time."
  • "But you be da first to look to da future... to see what da trolls can become. Ya be young, but ya be righteous. Call on me spirit if ya ever need advice from an old chieftain."
  • "For now, I gonna keep searchin' for answers. If dere be new enemies gatherin'  in da shadows, den I best be huntin' dem... before dey hunt us."
  • The Emperor was in need of trusted messengers and deliverymen.

Global Strings

  • CHAR_CREATE_TRIAL_DEMON_HUNTER,Starter Accounts cannot create Demon Hunters
  • MYTHIC_PLUS_MISSING_WEEKLY_CHEST_REWARD,Complete a Mythic %d dungeon to earn a piece of Item Level %d gear in your weekly chest
  • EMOTE522_CMD2,/boop
  • EMOTE522_CMD1,/boop
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_374,You have no Wood to collect
  • CONQUEST_REQUIRES_PVP_SEASON,Conquest can only be earned during an active PvP season
  • PVP_TIER_WITH_RATING,%1$s (%2$d)
  • PVP_TIER_WITH_RANK_AND_RATING,%1$s  #%2$d (%3$d)
  • AUCTION_HOUSE_DEPRECATED,This addon has been disabled. You should install an updated version.
  • DEMON_HUNTER_RESTRICTED_BOOST_IS_TOO_LOW_LEVEL,You can't use a Level 100 Character Boost on a Demon Hunter.
  • ERR_AUCTION_HOUSE_UNAVAILABLE,The Auction House is currently unavailable.
  • ERR_AUCTION_HOUSE_BUSY,The Auction House is busy.
  • VAS_GUILD_NAME_CHANGE_TOOLTIP,- 2 to 24 letters|n- Can't contain numbers or special|ncharacters|n- Can't contain any characters which|n are not supported in your region
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_VAS_ERROR_CHARACTER_HAS_VAS_PENDING,- This character already has a pending service. Please wait until that is complete to try again.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_VAS_GUILD_SERVICES,This service will automatically be applied when processing has been completed.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_VAS_GUILD_SERVICES_EUR,This service will automatically be applied when processing has been completed. |HurlIndex:21|h|cff006995Change your payment method|r|h
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_CONFIRMATION_VAS_GUILD_SERVICES_KR,"This service is nonrefundable after clicking the button below, and the service will automatically be applied when processing has been completed."
  • SLASH_COUNTDOWN1,/countdown
  • SLASH_COUNTDOWN2,/countdown
  • VISITABLE_URL44,https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/32543
  • VISITABLE_URL45,https://www.battlenet.com.cn/support/zh/article/154
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_DISCLAIMER_GUILD_FACTION_CHANGE,This process may take %s to complete.|n|HurlIndex:44|h|cff006995Frequently Asked Questions|r|h
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_DISCLAIMER_GUILD_FACTION_CHANGE_CN,This process may take %s to complete.|n|HurlIndex:45|h|cff006995Frequently Asked Questions|r|h
  • RACIAL_TRAITS,Racial Traits:
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_DISCLAIMER_GUILD_NAME_CHANGE,This process may take %s to complete.
  • BLIZZARD_STORE_DISCLAIMER_GUILD_NAME_CHANGE_CN,This process may take %s to complete.|n|HurlIndex:45|h|cff006995Frequently Asked Questions|r|h
  • HEART_OF_AZEROTH_MISSING_ERROR,Requires Heart of Azeroth
  • VAS_NEW_GUILD_MASTER_LABEL,Appoint guild master for old guild
  • CLICK_FOR_MORE_INFO,Click for more information
  • STUN_BOT_TIMER_BAR,Stun Bot Energy Bar
  • VAS_OLD_GUILD_NEW_NAME_LABEL,Choose name for old guild
  • VAS_NEW_GUILD_MASTER_TOOLTIP,Appoint a guild master for the placeholder guild that will stay on your original faction. Your members will stay in that guild until they do their own Faction Changes.
  • VAS_OLD_GUILD_NEW_NAME_CHANGE_TOOLTIP,Choose a new name for the placeholder guild that will stay on your original faction (since two guilds can't have the same name). Your members will stay in that guild until they do their own Faction Changes.|n|n- 2 to 24 letters|n- Can't contain numbers or special|ncharacters|n- Can't contain any characters which|nare not supported in your region
  • PARTY_PLAYER_WARMODE_ENABLED,This player has War Mode enabled. You can't see them in the world unless you also enable War Mode in your Talents pane.
  • PARTY_PLAYER_WARMODE_DISABLED,This player has War Mode disabled. You can't see them in the world unless you also disable War Mode in your Talents pane.
  • VAS_GUILD_FACTION_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Faction change to %s|n-Old guild renamed to <%s>|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild <%s>
  • VAS_GUILD_FACTION_CHANGE_PLUS_NAME_CHANGE_CONFIRMATION,<%s> of %s|n-Faction change to %s|n-Rename to <%s>|n-%s appointed guild master of old guild <%s>
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_376,Target must be dead.
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_377,Your target is already embiggified.

Journal Encounter

  • Grimfang and Firecaller
  • Duel with a Duo (H)
  • King Grong,<PH>
  • Grong the Revenant,<PH>
  • The Restless Cabal,"Called from the depths to retrieve three relics of ancient power, The Restless Cabal is bound to serve N'Zoth attend to his will. Zaxasj speaks of promises and power while Fa'thuul crushes the opposition with pure force."
  • Ivus the Forest Lord
  • Loa Council,"Deep within the golden city of Zuldazar, the revered loa are worshipped within a chamber constructed to honor them. Six of the most prominent loa are represented here, gaurded by their most devout champions. Any trespasser that dar enter this sacred hall will be met with the fury of Zuldazar's most powerful loa."
  • "Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void",Temp text
  • Frida Ironbellows,"On the frontlines of the assault on Zuldazar, Frida Ironbellows leads her troops towards victory. Using the powers of the Light to both infuse herself and her allies with power, she is a overpowering force on the battlefield."
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque,<PH>
  • King Rastakhan,<PH>
  • Sea Priest Blockade

Journal Instance

  • 8.1 Raid
  • Crucible of Storms


  • Cooking: Impossible is a 10 flag capture style battle","This brawl takes place in the Valley of the Four Winds
  • Cooking: Impossible is a 10 flag capture style battle",Complete Nomi's Chili Recipe,"- Gather Ingredients from the Valley and bring them to Nomi
  • - First to gather 10 Ingredients wins
  • - Dying or being Stunned will cause you to drop the Ingredients
  • Zandalarraid,Zuldazar Raid
  • SeaPriestRaid,Crucible of Storms
  • WarfrontsDarkshoreAlliance,Warfronts Darkshore - Alliance
  • IncursionAirshipHorde,8.1.0 Incursion Airship Horde
  • IncursionAirshipAlliance,8.1.0 Incursion Airship Alliance
  • WarfrontsDarkshoreHorde,Warfronts Darkshore - Horde
  • DarkshoreTyrandeScenario,8.1 Darkshore Scenario
  • Islands7,Jorundal
  • TransportCookingImpossibleAllianceBalloon,Transport: Cooking: Impossible - Hot Air Balloon - Alliance
  • TransportCookingImpossibleHordeBalloon,Transport: Cooking: Impossible - Hot Air Balloon - Horde
  • N'Zoth,DELETE
  • SeaPriestDungeonQuests,Shrine of the Storm Quests
  • ZandalariTreasury,Zandalari Treasury
  • DaggerRealm,Dagger Realm
  • DarkshoreHordeQuests,8.1 Darkshore Horde Quests
  • DarkshoreOutdoorPhase,8.1 Darkshore Outdoor Final Phase
  • TolDagorScenario,Tol Dagor Scenario
  • DevSmoketest,Dev Smoketest
  • ZuldazarRaidShipTransport,Transport: Zuldazar Raid Ship


  • The Hivemind, "A true union of minds."
  • Vicious White Warsaber, "If you try to give it a belly scratch, you're asking for trouble."
  • Vicious Black Bonesteed, "These skeletal steeds know no fear, eat no grains, and can travel impossible distances."


  • The Fall of the Sunwell
  • Tyrande's Ascension
  • The Battle for Darkshore
  • The Treasury Heist
  • Gnomeregan
  • Jailor of the Damned
  • Escape from Tol Dagor

Scenario Steps

  • Remove the Forsaken threat and begin the reclamation of Ruins of Auberdine.,To Auberdine!
  • Defeat the enemy commander and reclaim Darkshore for the Alliance.,The Fallen Moon
  • Reclaim Bashal'Aran.,Forward Progress
  • Construct the means necessary to defeat the enemy.,Advancing the Effort
  • Shine the lantern and start the memories of the fallen.,By Blood Remembered
  • Hold the line against the Scourge,Until Our Last Breath
  • Defeat Seer Drannix,Delaying Death's March
  • Face Arthas.,For Anasterian!
  • Break through to the Sunwell.,He Who Walks the Day
  • Defend the Magisters during their ritual.,A Prince's Decision
  • Sail to the Ruins of Auberdine.,In Teldrassil's Wake
  • Find the Eye of Elune in the Ruins of Auberdine.,Elune's Gaze
  • Defeat Bilegut and escape the hall.,Cornered!
  • Investigate the screaming nearby.,A Cry for Help
  • Find Tyrande Whisperwind in Bashal'Aran.,Closing In
  • Guard Tyrande while she completes the Ritual of the Night Warrior.,Zenith
  • Hunt down Nathanos Blightcaller.,Nowhere to Run
  • Intervene before Nathanos raises the fallen as forsaken.,The Queen's Pawn
  • Return to the fleet and scout the Horde army.,Eyes of the Forest
  • Remove the Alliance from the Ruins of Auberdine.,To Auberdine!
  • Claim Bashal'Aran for the Horde.,Forward Progress
  • Construct the means necessary to defeat the enemy.,Advancing the Effort
  • Defeat the enemy commander and claim Darkshore for the Horde.,End of the Road
  • Rescue the kaldorei prisoners in the Withering Thicket.,No Elf Left Behind
  • Use the G.P.G.,A Simple Plan
  • Proceed further into the treasury.,Mission: Probable
  • Head towards the central chamber.,Take the Shortcut
  • Return to the outer hallway.,Nevermind
  • Witness Tyrande's ascension into the Night Warrior.,The Night Warrior
  • The automated defenses of Gnomeregan have been activated!,Automated Defenses
  • Defeat the Living Elementals.,Out of Control Elementals
  • Use the correct sequence of levers to activate the Door Control Console.,Pull the Correct Levers
  • Confront the Lich King
  • Retreat to Bwonsamdi's Death Gate.,Reach the Death Gate
  • Use Bwonsamdi's Death Gate to escape the Frozen Throne.,Escape the Frozen Throne
  • Find Nathanos Blightcaller nearby.,Nowhere to Hide
  • Speak to Warden Amical.,Speak to Warden
  • Defeat the Horde's forward commander in Ruins of Auberdine.,Applying Pressure
  • Send the guards away, and take the Master Key.
  • Release Ashvane,Release Ashvane
  • Release prisoners and plant the explosives.,Create a distraction
  • Defeat the Warden
  • Shine the lantern on Kael'thas' decision.,A Setback
  • Ride the Bomb Stomper 5000 through the deadly field of Bomb Bots.,Bypass the Mine Field
  • Defeat the critters that somehow survive in this place.,Resilient Critters
  • There's a Leper Rat of unusual size guardng that door. It looks mean.,You Dirty Rat
  • Defeat the Gnomeregan Defense Force.,"Gnomeregan Defense Force, Activate!"
  • Mekgineer Thermaplugg has left his latest invention here as the last bastion of defense for Gnomeregan. Smash it!,Thermaplugg's Latest Invention
  • Deliver Ashvane,Get to the Ship
  • Gather Data using G.P.G.,Let's Try This Again
  • Get through sewers,Escape the Prison
  • Proceed further into the treasury.,The Search Continues
  • Someone has telepoted into the room. Confront them!,Shadowy Figure
  • Prepare yourself for battle.,Preparation

World Safe Locs

  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Start
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Ruins of Auberdine GY
  • Zuldazar - Dino Training - Finale Safe Loc (JAK)
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Bashal'Aran GY
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Intro GY
  • Incursions - Harder They Fall -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • 8.1 Incursions - Crawler Mine Abandon (MDE)
  • Havenswood
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Start
  • Jorundall
  • 8.1 Incursions - Crawler Mine -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • 8.1 Incursions - Unfriendly Skies - Safe Loc (MDE)
  • Norwington Estate Safe  Place
  • 8.1 Incursions - Tiragarde - Greystone Ruins - H - WQ02 - Iron Star Exit (JDA)
  • 8.1 War Campaign - A - Ch1 - anglepoint boat safeport - krb
  • 8.1 War Campaign - H - Chapter 2 - Drustvar Combat Safe spot - (STM)
  • 8.1 Incursions - Famous Airship Disasters -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Lor'danel GY
  • 8.1 Dwarf Heritage - Ulduar - Scenario - Entrance Loc - RRB
  • Safe Exit: 8.1 Dwarf Heritage Armor - Loch Modan - RRB
  • The Sunwell - Heritage Scenario Start
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Ship
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - Start - GJC
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - Safe Exit Loc - GJC
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Alliance - Zone Out Location
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Alliance - Zone In Location
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Horde - Zone Out Location
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Horde - Zone In Location
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Treasure Room Entrance
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Treasure Room Exit
  • 8.1 SoS PreRaid - Dagger - Revival Point (msc)
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Throne Room Entrance
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Throne Room Exit,
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Balcony Exit
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Balcony Entrance
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Elevator Bottom
  • 8.1 Zuldazar Raid - Elevator Top
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Intro GY
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Ruins of Auberdine GY
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Bashal'Aran GY
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Lor'danel GY
  • Scenario - Gnomeregan Pet Battle Entrance
  • 8.1 War Campaign - A - Ch3 - Zandalari Treasury Scenario Entry - KRB
  • 8.1 War Campaign - A - Ch3 - Zandalari Treasury Scenario Exit - KRB
  • 8.1 Sunwell Unlock Scenario - GY 1
  • 8.1 Sunwell Unlock Scenario - GY 2
  • 8.1 Sunwell Unlock Scenario - GY 3
  • Emerald Dreamway - The Stuff of Dreams (RKS)
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - GY - Stage 1-2 - GJC
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - GY - Stage 3-6 - GJC
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - GY - Stage 7-9 - GJC
  • 8.1 Tyrande - A - Tyrande Scenario - GY - Stage 10-11 - GJC
  • Islands - Port of Zandalar Exit Loc
  • Islands - Boralus Harbor Exit Loc
  • 8.1 Icecrown - The Frozen Throne
  • Warfront Arathi - Horde, General GY
  • Darkshore - Tyrande (H) - Lor'danel GY
  • Darkshore - Tyrande (H) - Bashal'Aran GY
  • 8.1 Shrine Raid - Entrance Target - KLH
  • 8.1 Shrine Raid - Post B1 - KLH
  • 8.1 Shrine Raid - Exit Target - KLH
  • Warfront Darkshore - Alliance Exit Safe Loc
  • Warfront Darkshore - Horde Exit Safe Loc
  • 8.1 Tol Dagor Scenario

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6 minutes ago, Stan said:

It appears King Rastakhan and Mekkatorque will die in the raid.

î kinda doubt it - i saw a model of Mekkatorques escape pod somewhere ... this sounds more like an " MIA but alive" thing

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As a Horde player Mekkatorque's death would suck balls.

Kill Jaina, kill Magni, kill the Falstad, kill Malurion or Genn.... but don't screw with Mekkatorque...  Gnomes are the only fun part of the Alliance and Mekkatorque always makes me smile and happy when he's involved.

We need more Mekkatorque not less.

  • Haha 1

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16 minutes ago, Maxkitty said:

Is anyone even able to get on to the PTR? I couldn’t no matter how much I tried last night.

The PTR login hasn't been fixed yet.

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37 minutes ago, Stan said:

The PTR login hasn't been fixed yet.

That’s really unfortunate, I’ve been dying to get my hands on the new Feral Druid changes. I’m sure they know of the issue though, so all we can do is wait.

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2 hours ago, Nxc said:

î kinda doubt it - i saw a model of Mekkatorques escape pod somewhere ... this sounds more like an " MIA but alive" thing

Here it is! It's called "mekkatorque_escapepod" and has three animations: death/stand/submerged.


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      On the other side of the spectrum, the Alliance will get Mechagnomes led by Prince Erazmin of Mechagon, but it's still not clear what the second race will be.

      Lightforged Forsaken led by Calia Menethil are a possibility based on the Before the Storm novel and Calia also received a new model in the initial Patch 8.2.5 build.
      Next up are Gilgoblins! We encounter them in zones like Vashj'ir and Nazjatar in Patch 8.2. They are a species of aquatic goblins created by Hobart Grapplehammer. Gilgoblins are very similar to traditional Goblins. They have various tattoos and fins on their arms to help them swim.

      Gilgoblins are currently not included in the game files as playable races as opposed to Mechagnomes and the Vulpera. They only exist as creatures.

      The female model has more customization options compared to the male model. Would you like to see them become playable in the future?

      We know that Blizzard wants to add more customization options to World of Warcraft, and a recent leak suggests that all Allied Races will become customization options in Patch 9.0 except for the Nightborne and the Vulpera. Let's see what the first set of Allied Races is going to be now that Patch 8.2 should hit Public Test Realms reasonably soon!
      The first set of Allied Races (Mechagnomes/Vulpera) coming in Patch 8.2.5 on or before September 20th. The final set of Allied Races will include Gilgoblins and Lightforged Forsaken (based on the Before the Storm novel) in Patch 8.3.5. We know that Mechagnomes and the Vulpera are coming, but what about the second set of Allied Races?
    • By Stan
      We're one week away from WoW Classic launch. This week, you can get a piece of Heroic Palace armor from the weekly quest.
      Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase until October 1. Queen Azshara nerfs are now live ahead of Classic launch. The Classic development team conducted a Reddit AMA and shared more details about the intended player cap for dungeons and cleared some layering misconceptions. Read our recap of the AMA for a full summary of highlights! Mythic Keystone Affixes
      Fortified Sanguine Quaking Beguiling Weekly Quests
      Collect 36,000 Azerite from Island Expeditions for Azerite for the Alliance & Azerite for the Horde to receive 3,500 Azerite and 1,500 reputation with Honorbound/7th Legion. Complete 4 Mythic BfA Dungeons for Emissary of War to receive a cache which contains a piece of Heroic Eternal Palace gear. Nazjatar World Boss
      Players can kill Wekemara this week for ilvl 415 loot.
      Tidal Lurker's Greathelm Naga Ritualist's Mantle Spitcharged Shoulderguards Chestguard of the Submerged Belt of Rising Guardians Deepcaller's Clasp Serpentskin Splashers Wekemara's Warboots Shockbiter's Fang World Events
      Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Event (August 20th - August 27th)
      Blizzard (Source)
      The Battle for Azeroth Dungeons Bonus Event is underway!
      All week, open Group Finder (default hotkey: I) to queue for any Battle for Azeroth dungeon on Normal or Heroic difficulty.
      Alternatively, get a group of veteran dungeoneers together and travel to one of the Battle for Azeroth dungeons on Mythic difficulty:
      Atal’Dazar Temple of Sethraliss The Underrot The MOTHERLODE!! Freehold Shrine of the Storm Tol Dagor Waycrest Manor Look for the following all week long:
      Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar or Chronicler Toopa in Boralus has a quest for you – Emissary of War. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it within the Adventure Journal. Quest requirement: Complete 4 Battle for Azeroth dungeons on Mythic difficulty. Rewards: One loot box containing a piece of gear from Heroic difficulty The Eternal Palace. Passive bonus: The final boss in each dungeon drop additional loot on all difficulties (except Mythic Keystone difficulties.) EVERY WEEK
      The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.
      PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard (August 20th -  August 27th)
      Blizzard (Source)

      Frozen Arathi Basin (Resource Race)
      Put away your bathing suit, pull out your parka, and enter a winter wonderland as the Arathi Basin you know and love gets a fresh coat of ice and snow. You'll be racing your way between the farm, stables, mine, lumberyard, and blacksmith through piles of snow and over a - mostly - frozen lake. One more thing: the weather forecast calls for a bit of fog of war. We hope you're prepared for the weather.
    • By Stan
      Today's hotfixes come with a lot of nerfs to Queen Azshara. Vitality Conduit now correctly transfers health from a target with absorb shields, and more.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Dungeons and Raids
      Azshara’s Eternal Palace Queen Azshara When either Aethenel or Cyranus is slain on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty, there is now a 3-second delay before the other one gains the Torment buff. Azshara's Indomitable is now summoned 10 seconds later than previously observed on Mythic difficulty. Tidemistresses have 5% less health on Mythic difficulty. Fixed an issue where casting either Moonfire or Regrowth twice in a row while affected by Repeat Performance was not triggering the silence. Fixed a bug on Mythic difficulty where the damage effect from Deferred Sentence could trigger the healing reduction from Obey or Suffer right as the decrees transitioned between each other. Siege of Boralus  Corrected an issue where players’ pets were unable to attack the tentacles during the Viq’Goth encounter. Items
      Heart of Azeroth Vitality Conduit (Essence) correctly transfers health from a target with absorb shields on them. Learning new ranks of Conflict and Strife (Essence) should now properly grant achievements such as Power Up.
    • By Stan
      Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase each week until the week of October 1, according to Blizzard, despite the fact that in previous Seasons, it ended around the twelve-week mark.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Is this being cut off soon? Or are you leaving it on indefinitely?
      It’s been 8 weeks now, and 8.2 kicked off with 4 weeks of AK already calculated into the game, so in theory, we’ve had 12 weeks of AK at this point. AK ended around the 12-week mark in the prior seasons.
      This is an inquiry, I’m not asking that it be cut off. I think they should leave it on, but that wouldn’t fit the prior seasons.
      No to both questions. 🙂
      As things currently stand, Artifact Knowledge will continue to increase each week until the week of October 1.
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