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Through all of Legion and up to now I've taken for granted that Beacon of Virtue was a great talent for 5 mans. The ability to quickly burst heal everyone in the group is great. When you have predictable high AoE damage, like the Bursting affix, I would not want anything else. At the same time, it can be an annoying talent to use for many reasons:

- It builds bursts and lulls into the healing pattern, because there is no permanent Beacon up

- If the tank is taking massive damage, he can easily be left vulnerable when BoV is down, or because of the reduced transfer rate through the Beacon

- If the tank is taking massive damage, your mana gets destroyed (because there is likely no Beacon on him)

- BoV takes mana to apply, albeit not much (2,000)

- This is the killer: the GCD that you're literally not healing anything whatsoever, this can leave you in the dust when SHTF.

After enduring several key runs with the Teeming / Fortified / Quaking combo and feeling frustrated with BoV, I decided to try using Beacon of Faith instead, with one Beacon on myself and one on the tank. I'm not going to say everyone should go out and switch, but I think it made a huge difference on those affixes.

The main thing is that without having to re-cast the Beacon on a regular basis, instead you can instantly react to any situation with a heal, and it will be transferred to the two Beacon targets because it's always up. I didn't find the loss of the AoE capability given by BoV to be a problem.

Give it a shot and you might be surprised how it works. It certainly was more fun and less stressful for me.

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Does using Faith not fall short on things like tick pulls in Underrot? Where there is constant split AoE damage that isn't controlled in how it hits?

I can see you said the lack of AoE doesn't seem to be a problem, but I just can't understand how. Like, the things that really spring to mind are:

  • Underrot trash.
  • Bursting affix.
  • Shrine 2nd boss and trash afterwards.

It just seems like you'd miss that BoV so much. Where did you test Faith? What dungeon?

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