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Damage too low???

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Hi guys, so i noticed that my DMG is too low lately. I'm an arcane mage with 365.9 ilvl + neck level 21.

I have been raiding hc with the guild, and we got to ghuun, which is a dps check, and i left, because my dps is too low, but i cant understand why, because im doing my rotation correctly, and when simming my character. i get that im doing 11K dps, while im doing 9.5K on avrage. I hope you can tell me WTF is going on, because i cant understand.

Here are some logs from our fight (My character is Levaiton)



Thank you in advance :)

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The Taloc and Fetid logs are pretty insightful and indicate that your activity is really low and you aren't casting the whole fight. You have comparatively low Casts Per Minute (CPM) to the rest of the DPS and go some sustained periods without casting at all (click you name in the below links):




In addition to the high downtime, you don't seem to be using evocate, arcane power or 'charged up' off cooldown. Have a look at the suggestions in WoWAnalyzer: https://www.wowanalyzer.com/report/y3HAhm9N1X4jWBba/3-Heroic+Taloc+-+Kill+(4:38)/6-Levaiton

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