John J. Keeshan quest issue

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Hello, it is my first post here.

I am currently at the Redridge Mountains and I try to find John J. Keeshan who is marked with the question mark inside the tavern in front of the harbor, but it's impossible to find him. I have checked everywhere. He's not beside the cook, neither next to the innkeeper and neither upstairs in the rooms.

This quest is given by Colonel Troteman.

Do I need to complete other quests first and come back later at the tavern and perhaps he will be there? Or I just give up this mission?

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"You ever heard of John Keeshan, Busholeander? I was his commanding officer throughout all three great wars. Let me tell you, that man has killed more orcs than any man alive. If anyone can stop the Blackrock orc invasion, it's JOHN J. KEESHAN. We need to get him to help us or Lakeshire will be nothing more than a mound of rubble and ash after that massive Blackrock army marches through to Elwynn.

I heard he was fighting in the underground fight club at the Lakeshire inn. Find him and tell him everything you know."


So, just two tips for the future: 1. read the quest text 😉 2. for individual NPCs and quests, it's best to check wowhead first. chances are you are not the first to ask a specific question, and someone probably has the answer in the comment section there.

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